WWE Rumors: Who Will Face John Cena Next? -- WWE Teases Answer For 'Monday Night Raw'

John Cena had been in a feud with Seth Rollins for quite some time and before that, he went back and forth with Kevin Owens for a few months. Now, Rollins is feuding with Kane for the WWE Title and Kevin Owens is looking to defend his newly won Intercontinental Title against Ryback, but what about Cena? WWE is teasing that the next feud for John Cena and the United States Title will be revealed on Monday Night Raw.

Ever since Cena won the U.S. Title back at Night of Champions, everyone seems to have moved on or has a direction but him. After defeating Seth Rollins on this past Raw, it officially ended the feud between the two as the WWE Champ has to deal with Corporate/Demon Kane now.

WWE.com has revealed their "Five-Point Preview" for this week's upcoming Monday Night Raw, and it teases that Cena's next feud will be revealed.

"One night after reclaiming the United States Championship from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, John Cena defended his star-spangled prize on Raw, sealing a victory over The Architect with an Attitude Adjustment. Now that Rollins has already used his guaranteed rematch for the prestigious title, will Raw bring the return of Cena's U.S. Open Challenge? If so, who is bold enough to face The Champ?"
It's going to be interesting to see who Cena ends up facing, now that he's moving onto someone else. He could end up starting the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge once again, and someone comes out to challenge him.

Then again, Cena may just be attacked or something else. It's likely that the U.S. Title Open Challenge will start again, and someone will step up to the plate, but who?

There have been no rumors of anyone from NXT being brought up recently, but it could be Baron Corbin or Finn Balor or anyone. Still, after the big-time feud with Kevin Owens, it may not be the direction that WWE wants to go with John Cena again.

As WrestleZone reported, the preview for Raw also details that new things are to come for the multi-personalities of Kane, what's next for the Divas Revolution, and more. It's going to be a full show as WWE prepares for Hell In A Cell in three weeks.

John Cena will be defending the United States Title at Hell In A Cell in about three weeks, but it isn't known who that will be against. Looks like that will be revealed in a couple of days on Monday Night Raw.

[Image via WWE]