‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5 Premiere Spoilers Tease Major Twists And More

Regina Avalos

Once Upon a Time fans have been waiting for the premiere of Season 5 for forever it feels like, but the premiere weekend has finally arrived for them. The Once Upon a Time premiere will air on Sunday night on ABC, and there are some new spoilers about the episode now available from various sources on the internet. The hype is definitely building for the return of this series.

Everyone is definitely excited for the return of Once Upon a Time and the rise of the Dark Swan, who is played by Jennifer Morrison. So much of the last four seasons of Once Upon a Time has focused on Emma being the hero and saving everyone in Storybrooke that the last minute twist at the end of Once Upon a Time was brilliant.

The potential for the darkness to take over Emma was teased throughout the second half of the season, but fans did not expect the final moments of the season to play out in the manner that it did.

In her efforts to save everyone, Emma sacrificed herself.

— Jose (@josemp_) September 16, 2015

Fans know that Once Upon a Time Season 5 will take them to Camelot. They will meet King Arthur, Merida from Brave, and many others during this visit. However, there is more to Camelot. In fact, a piece of Camelot will have a connection to the early mythology of the series that will shock fans. Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly released on Friday revealed that Camelot connects to the series in a "major way." In fact, the person who shared the spoiler said their "head exploded a little bit when [they] saw this brilliant twist."

TV Line also shared spoilers about the Once Upon a Time Season 5 premiere, and their focus was on Emma, but they also teased a bit about Zelena.

During the episode, fans will see Emma go after someone's heart, but that heart is not the only one in danger, according to the news outlet. Someone else will try to rip a heart out of someone's chest during the premiere.

As for Zelena, she will try to get her powers back, but it was not revealed how she will do that. TV Line also teased an epic moment for Emma and Hook fans.

Sneak peeks for the premiere have also been released by ABC. One sneak peek shows Emma Swan chasing after Merida. She wants an item that Merida has in her position. She tells her it could take away her dark magic. Once Merida hears her story, she offers to fight her "fair" for it without magic.

Another sneak peek shows Hook, Regina, and the others still in Storybrooke. They visit the apprentice to find out how to locate Emma. He tells them that she is in the other realm, and he gives them a tool to take them there, but it needs to be used by someone that has both light and dark. Regina tries to use it, but she fails. Hook points out the irony of the situation. They need someone really wicked, and Regina has been too good in recent history that her darkness is not enough.

That is more than a bit ironic. When the series began, Regina was the Evil Queen. Now, she does not even have enough darkness inside her to use an item that needs both dark and light. Hook does tease that they need someone "wicked" for the item to work, but does this mean Zelena? Fans will need to watch on Sunday to find out.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of Once Upon a Time? The series will air on Sunday nights on ABC.

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