‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Is Carly’s Daring Move? Will It Be Enough To Keep Avery Away From Ava?

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Carly and Ava were battling it out over baby Avery. While daddy Sonny was laid up recovering from an almost-fatal bullet wound, his bride-to-be was trying to fight off Avery’s biological mother, Ava Jerome. According to spoilers from Enstars, Carly needed to do something fast to be able to keep the baby. What could it be?

As it stands right now, Carly does not have any legal right to Sonny’s child. Ava had legal papers drawn up, thanks to Scott Baldwin, and the newest mobster in town, Paul Hornsby. She brought those papers to the hospital thinking she would be able to take her child home with her right them and there. She almost got away with it, but Carly checked out the papers before Ava left. Carly stopped her from leaving after discovering that the fine print on the documents stated she had 24 hours before she had to give the baby back to the mother.

So, Carly now has a day to figure out how to keep Ava from getting custody back. What scheme could she cook up to keep Avery with the Corinthos family? Previous General Hospital rumors stated that since Carly and Sonny never had their big wedding, they may end up holding the wedding in the hospital. Many wondered why they would not wait until Sonny is well again, but now it all makes sense.

If these two get married, Carly would then have a right to keep Avery with her; at least until they all go to court to figure out who will get full custody of the child. By then, Sonny may get back on his feet and be able to join the custody battle. The fight begins on General Hospital.

Ava Jerome is being hounded by Paul Hornsby, who has admitted that he was the one who had Sonny taken down by a bullet at the warehouse. He wants her to join him in the mob game, and in return, he would make sure that she gets custody of her daughter. Ava is going along with this agreement because she will do anything to have her baby back in her arms, as the Inquisitrpreviously reported.

It looks like Carly and Sonny may get married in a not-so-romantic hospital room, instead of the fancy wedding shindig they had originally planned. She better get it all done quickly because you know that Ava will be right on time to grab Avery out of her arms at the 24-hour mark. It is about to get ugly on General Hospital.

Who do you think should get custody of Avery?

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