'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Wants A Certain 'Game Of Thrones' Star To Play Briana Fraser

Perry Carpenter

With a single nod on social media, Outlander star Sam Heughan has managed to send fans into a frenzy. In a recent retweet on Twitter, Heughan revealed who he thinks should play the part of Brianna in Outlander's upcoming season. Although most fans sided with Heughan, some were more reluctant to agree.

The social media meltdown occurred after Heughan retweeted a message about how Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) would make a great Brianna. "If she wasn't so busy with #GameOfThrones would Sophie Turner make a good #BriannaFraser? She is so striking!" The Anglophile Channel posted on Twitter, which Heughan immediately retweeted.

According to the official description of the character, Brianna is a young woman who is determined, smart, and carries herself with a good deal of charm and humor. According to The Daily Record, the show's producers are seeking someone who is rather tall for the part, and someone who can pull off a grounded yet vulnerable character.

While Sam Heughan certainly feels as though Turner would be an ideal candidate for the role, the fan reaction on Twitter was somewhat of a mixed bag.

While most agreed that Turner would do great in the role, others expressed doubts that she could find time outside of her role in Game of Thrones.

"@AnglophileTV @SamHeughan Yes! And if he weren't already too busy being the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill would be great as Roger," Marion wrote.

"Perfect! Striking look, long red locks, 5'9, cat eyes, straight nose, age..Maybe she gets killed off of GoT? #nobodyssafe," Southern Sassenach added.

At the same time, some thought Turner's involvement in Game of Thrones would prohibit her from a part in Outlander.

"She's tall enough and pretty but I think she'll be busy with GT for a long time to come. I think they'll choose someone new," Brizo stated.

Although the majority of fans agreed with Heughan, some thought Turner would not make a good Brianna.

"IMO to old," Theresa EH wrote, while Momlander added, "Talented & beautiful but not my idea of Brianna."

Meanwhile, production for season two of Outlander is currently underway. That being said, producers have yet to announce who will be playing the pivotal part of Brianna as the hit series enters its second season. Whether or not Turner will end up playing the part or if she is even interested in the role is still to be determined.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe return in sSason 2 of Outlander which is rumored to premiere sometime in March or April 2016.

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