Obama Caught With 'Devil's Horns' Once Again -- Satanic Baphomet Signifies 'Birthing Of A New Order,' Conspiracy Theorists Say [Photo]

A new photo is being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere showing President Barack Obama having sprouted a fresh pair of "Devil's horns" on his head. Obama's new pair of horns has set tongues wagging scandalously once again in the religious right wing of the political spectrum.

This, significantly, is the second time since September last year that Obama has been captured on camera with what conspiracy theorists aver, solemnly, is a satanic Baphomet halo over his presidential head.

Obama was first caught in public with "Devil's horns" protruding prominently from his head in September 11, 2014 while delivering a speech on issues relating to the terrorist group ISIS. Conspiracy theorists drew everyone's attention to what appeared -- as he addressed the nation -- a pair of "Devil's horns," spreading upwards an ominous halo over his head (see photo and video below).

Obama With Devil's Horns, September 11, 2014

In the world of conspiracy theories, the first coincidence is evidence, the second is proof, because nothing happens in our universe by chance. Every seeming coincidence is the unfolding of an order of events scripted by the "spiritual powers that be" (SPTB).

President Barack Obama With 'Devil's Horns'

Thus, with Obama having appeared for a second time in 12 months with "Devil's horns" placed conspicuously on his head, conspiracy theorists have declared conclusive evidence to silence "coincidence theorists" who have ridiculed their insight into the true, hidden nature of the sitting president.

The latest image showing President Obama with devil's horns ensconced comfortably on his head is going viral in the right-wing conspiracy theory blogosphere. The occurrence of the latest devilish epiphany at a time that Pope Francis is visiting the U.S. could not be coincidence, conspiracy theorists say. It is a darkish omen signifying unhallowed, cloven-footed alliances emerging before our eyes from the sulphurous pits of hell.

According to end-time conspiracy theory pundits (see video below), the appearance of the ultimate occult symbol, the Devil's Baphomet horns, over Obama's head at the time he is hosting Pope Francis, signifies the "birthing of a new order" and the "end of a cycle and the beginning of new cycle."

It signifies the eve of fulfillment of the painstakingly nurtured secret machinations of the Illuminati globalists who, according to conspiracy theorists, are an especially odious group of elite left-wing devil worshippers who control everything, including our minds through the sorcerous craft of Mind Control.

The Inquisitr reported in February 2015 that according to religious right wing conspiracy theorists, Obama is the one who precedes the storied Mephistophelian personality called the "Beast."

The "Beast" is the fiendish incarnation of the Devil mentioned in Revelation 13 and represented by the sinisterly foretoken number 666.

But while some conspiracy theory pundits have identified Obama as the precursor to the "Beast," others have examined the holy books and determined that by virtue of Obama's manifold transgressions, including, chiefly, but not singularly, the massacre of the multitudinous innocents through Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, he is not merely the humble precursor to the Beast but the Beast himself in all his infernal glory.

Obama Sprouts New Set Of 'Devil's Horns,' Conspiracy Theorists Say

"This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666."[Rev 13:18:NIV]

The Beast or his "Seventh King" precursor, according to the Book of Revelation, will be in cahoots with another diabolical personality called the "False Prophet." (Revelation 19: 19-20).

Conspiracy theorists have determined through consultation with the biblical auguries that Pope Francis, with his annoyingly "left-ish" tendencies, is the "False Prophet."

Pope Francis' "left-ish" tendencies identify him as a manifestation of evil, right wing conspiracy theorists say. This is because right wing conservative ideology with its veneration of the patron saints of economic laissez-faire -- a.k.a. the free market -- is the God-approved ideological leaning.

"And the Beast... and with him the False Prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image." [Revelation 19: 19-20:NIV]

Having understood -- through intensive study of coded Biblical prophecies -- the roles of Obama and Pope Francis in the cosmic plot to bring to malevolent fruition the rule of the Prince of Darkness through a liberal New World Order (NWO), conspiracy theorists are hardly surprised that President Obama would glow with villainous exultation, exuding a lavish excrescence of the Baphomet halo, at the sheer joy of meeting his iniquitous "False Prophet" handler, namely, Pope Francis.

And only a moment before the halo appeared over his head, Obama had uttered words of "left-ish" heresy, assuring the pope that he "reminds us that in the eyes of God, our measure as individuals [is determined by] how well we hew to Scripture's call to lift the poor and the marginalized."

Obama's opponents would have us believe that the photographic evidence of the president's alleged culpable alliance with the chthonic forces of evil speaks for itself in this well-timed photo. And even those of us who are willing to grant him a generously elastic benefit of the doubt could not but feel the first stirrings of doubt given the president's apparently uncanny tendency to posing self-incriminatingly for photos.

[Image: YouTube Screengrab; Twitter]