Heather Phillips: Mom Had Sex 7 Times In One Night — With Daughter’s 15-Year-Old Ex, Police Say

Jonathan Vankin

Heather Phillips is the 40-year-old mom of a 12-year-old girl, but when her daughter broke up with a 15-year-old boy she'd been dating for a while, that's when the Port St. Lucie, Florida, mom made her move — at least according to the charges she's now facing. What happened next, police say, was a steamy affair between the mom and the teen, an affair the boy tried to escape, but Phillips — a pre-school teacher — wouldn't let him.

On the evening of September 6, according to a report by WPEC-TV, Phillips had sexual relations with the boy — without a condom — seven times in that single night.

On another occasion, according to what the boy told investigators, and as reported by WPTV in West Palm Beach, the mom drove him to a local Girl Scout park where the two had intercourse on a playground slide.

While the boy was dating the 12-year-old daughter of Heather Phillips, the mom expressed an inappropriate interest in him, reportedly telling the teen that he was a "hot kid," and even saying, "I wish you were mine." After the boy and Phillips' daughter called their own relationship quits on June 1, the girl's mom kept on reaching out to him through the ooVoo texting and video app, the boy claimed.

In August, the relationship became sexual, but when the boy wanted out, Phillips threatened him. After taking him to her own bedroom in her home, she placed a knife on a table and told him, "don't run."

She then performed oral sex on the teen boy.

But even though the boy told Phillips he no longer wanted to be engaged in a sexual relationship with her, she wouldn't stop contacting him — even telling him by text message that she was pregnant with his child and planning to have an abortion.

That's when the boy confessed the affair to his parents, and police were brought in to investigate, posing as the boy in text message exchanges with the 40-year-old pre-school teacher.

In one such exchange, the officers posing as the boy texted the mom, saying that he was "scared" and planned to tell his parents about their relationship.

Phillips responded, "Don't say s**t until we talk. Have you lost your mind?"

Heather Phillips text messages

When police first questioned Phillips about her relationship with the juvenile — confronting her at her workplace, La Petite Academy pre-school — she denied any sexual contact with the boy. But after more questioning she broke down and confessed, police say. Though she claimed that her comment about being pregnant with the teen's child was intended as a joke.

Heather Phillips has been charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor under the age of 16.

[Image: Port St. Lucie Police Department]