Mom Buys Coffee For Women Who Insulted Her: Reverse Psychology Used On Bullies At Tim Hortons

A Michigan mom bought coffee for women who insulted her at a Tim Hortons coffee shop, but why did she respond in kind to such mean-spirited treatment? ABC News reports that the incident, which happened in Fort Gratiot, is making news after Dianne Hoffmeyer reacted just the opposite as one would expect after the blistering comments she received from two women.

Hoffmeyer told WXYZ 7 in Detroit that while she was visiting the coffee shop on Monday with her 22-month-old child, two middle-aged women were behind her in line and began unleashing mean comments about her looks.

The mom who bought coffee for the women who insulted her recalls the hurtful remarks.

"'Oh look at her hair! It's nasty looking, and the roots are coming through. Oh she's a whale, oh the whale needs to eat,'" Hoffmeyer says.

The mom shares that when she ordered a cappuccino one of the women said, "'Oh, even the whale needs to have liquids. Maybe she should go back into the water.'"

Hoffmeyer couldn't help but cry because her feelings were hurt. She'd never met either of them before and isn't sure why the women insulted her in such a despicable way. Something interesting happened at that point, however. Hoffmeyer reveals that she wanted to be a role model for her child and show the rude women kindness, even though many would say they didn't deserve that.

The mom bought coffee for the two women who'd just insulted her after telling the cashier that she wanted to pay for their drinks.

"I told my cashier 'I'll pay for their coffee' and [the cashier] was like, 'What?'" Hoffmeyer said.

The chain's manager, Brittany Sanders, spoke with ABC News and explains that her employees "didn't remember such an incident happening."

In spite of that, Sanders said she and her employees wanted to show Hoffmeyer how impressed they were with her actions.

"The next day, we gave her a gift card and a Tim Hortons travel mug, and she was very pleased," Sanders said. "I felt she did the right thing by killing it with kindness and paying it forward. She handled it very well."

Hoffmeyer talked about the encounter on Facebook. She said if she ran into both women again, that she'd buy them coffee again. She also says that she'd like to "buy them another cup of coffee, and talk to them. And explain to them how it made me feel."

What do you think of this mom buying coffee for the women who insulted her?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]