Edith Connor Named World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder By Guinness Book Of World Records

Edith Wilma Connor is 77-years-old and she still competes in bodybuilding competition. Connors amazing athletic ability has earned her the title of “World’s Oldest Bodybuilder” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yahoo reports that Connor may be the world’s oldest body builder, but the sport is relatively knew to her. She started weightlifting in her 60s to put some more activity in her life.

Connor, who works at a data entry company with her husband, said:

“It was something I could do by myself, for myself… It was a tension releaser. I sit at a computer all day, so it was one way for me to take it out on the weights instead of the employees.”

Connor won her first competition at the age of 65 and is now hooked on the sport. She took a break from the sport in 2011 after her husband of 57-years passed away, but is now starting to lift weights again. Connor, however, isn’t sure that she’ll enter a competition this year.

Connor said:

“I started doing weights again in April. I’m still sticking with my body building, although right now I feel I won’t do any competitions this year.”

Connor may not be entering any competitions this year but she still enjoys weightlifting. Connor said that she also loves the fact that her grandchildren have taken up an interest in fitness.

Connor said:

“At my age, I still like to move. I’m not the sedentary type… (Bodybuilding) gave me a good way out. Something I can enjoy, something I can pass on. And I am passing it on… My youngest son was my first trainer… Now my oldest grandson is my trainer and my great-granddaughter works out with me.”

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