Louis Walsh Calls Louis Tomlinson The Least Popular One Direction Member

Although millions of fans may disagree, former X Factor host Louis Walsh revealed that he thinks Louis Tomlinson is the least favorite member of the superstar boy band, One Direction. Walsh's comments on Tomlinson came after reports that the 23-year-old boy bander may join this season's X Factor, when the contestants make it to the judges' houses.

Design & Trend reports that Walsh, 63, feels that Tomlinson is the wrong choice for the X Factor because he is, at least in Walsh's opinion, not as popular as his other band mates.

"He's the least popular member of One Direction. So I'm not sure [if he's the right choice]."
X Factor - Wembley Arena Auditions

Although it's not quite clear why Walsh feels this way about Tomlinson, an undisclosed source indicated that having celebrities on the show will most definitely boost the X Factor's ratings, which are currently falling behind a new reality competition show, Strictly Come Dancing. The insider said that Simon Cowell, the founder of X Factor, is doing anything he can to increase the show's views.

"Simon is pulling out the big guns as he is still determined to make this series a huge success. One Direction have always been big ratings winners and Louis (Tomlinson) is the most outspoken of the band. He won't be afraid to tell people if they're terrible, which Simon loves."
Regardless of Walsh's opinions and speculations about Tomlinson joining the show, nothing has been confirmed yet. There is talk that Tomlinson may replace Sinitta, one of the current mentors, should he actually join the show.

Last year, Tomlinson joined the X Factor as a guest mentor and received rave reviews, not only from viewers, but from the contestants themselves, after the boy bander took time to give advice to up-and-coming singers on the show. Mentor Sinitta also enjoyed having Walsh on the show last year, and said that it would be exciting to have the "Drag Me Down" back again.

"He spent a lot of time with us last year, mentoring the talent and watching rehearsals. I could definitely see him going into music management and production so it's a good place to start."
One Direction confirmed earlier this year that they'll be taking a break from the band in touring in 2016, which would give Louis Tomlinson the chance to pursue other opportunities. If he decides to join X Factor, his appearance last year reflects that Tomlinson has the ability to pull up the show's ratings, despite where he falls in the popularity category with One Direction.

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