Jay Z Shouldn’t Let Beyoncé Dance Half-Naked, Says Louis Farrakhan – Nicki Minaj And Rihanna Should Cover Up, Too [Video]

There’s a video interview of Louis Farrakhan that’s going viral, due to the advice that the leader of the Nation of Islam has for Jay Z. Farrakhan calls Jay Z both a good man and a good manager, but Minister Louis doesn’t see how Jay Z could allow Beyoncé to walk around as half-naked as she does, according to Farrakhan. It’s the same kind of rhetoric spouted by Mike Huckabee, who said that Beyoncé’s moves were better served for the bedroom, and not for music videos.

As expected, that type of statement that places the blame for men’s erotic nature squarely on the shoulders of women like Beyoncé who tempt men — Farrakhan says Beyoncé tempts all kinds of men, be they pastors who follow the Bible or the Koran — isn’t sitting well with everyone who has watched the interview segment.

The video snippet of Farrakhan advises Jay Z to cover up naked Beyoncé can be seen on The Grio – ‎along with fuller versions of the interview in three parts.

“You have to educate the managers. Jay Z is a good man. Jay Z is a good manager. But now, your woman is on display. Do you want men looking at your woman, being tempted by your woman, to make advances at your woman?”

Minister Louis also praised Rihanna, when she was covered up in a burka type of black outfit. In Chicago, where Farrakhan’s South Side Mosque Maryam headquarters the National Center for the Nation of Islam, visitors will discover it’s unlike Christian Sunday services they might be accustomed to attending. Women sit separately from the men, and visitors have their purses searched for security reasons.

However, Farrakhan’s words are a refrain often heard in plenty of churches in the black community — and a charge often levied against women, without making a bunch of mention of how men may tempt women. Whilst some churches may pay lip service to admonishing men for wearing muscle shirts, by and large the onus for dressing “appropriately” is often placed on women.

By Jay Z allowing Beyoncé to dance around half-naked, Farrakhan says that a result is that men can’t think straight.

“Today you strip the woman of her clothes. How can a man think straight, looking at the beauty of Beyoncé? Help us to be more sane. A man is made into a dog by a way a woman presents herself to a man. There ain’t no preacher out there that’s that holy that a woman can disrobe herself and a man can still think Bible, still think Quran. How do you rule a man? You rule him by the beauty of your body and the suggestion of sex. So when you strip a woman down, a man becomes a dog. You don’t make a man? You make him to treat you like an object of sex instead of the creative genius that you are.”

Therefore, Farrakhan puts the blame on the too-sexy couple, and those like Beyoncé, whom he feels are just too naked — like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. While some agree with Farrakhan, others are giving him an earful. On Facebook, he reiterated his message.

“To my brother Jay-Z: As much as I love and admire you, I want to see my sister, Beyoncé, beautifully covered… You’re responsible.”

[Image by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment]