Radioactive Tuna Found in CA Waters, Look Out For Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi

Kim LaCapria

Ugh, between the radioactive tuna and the face-eating dude in Florida, we are pretty much guaranteed Z-Day is right around the corner, right?

Radioactive tuna are definitely among the things that you read about in your morning news cycle and then feel like you are living in a pre-apocalyptic dystopia.

Since the devastating earthquake in Japan and resultant tsunami that damaged the Fukushima power plant, it seemed as though the scary effects, much like the radiation itself, would continue to seep quietly for a long time and only be revealed in scary, unexpected ways.

And radioactive sushi seems to be just one of the ways the Fukushima damage may be impacting the environment, even on US shores.

In the spring, we heard about nori (the seaweed wrapper associated with many popular styles of sushi roll) and how it may be infused with radiation, and now, experts are discussing the radioactive tuna.

Yes, this is not some paranoid WND shit- actual scientists are actually concerned about radioactive tuna in Pacific waters. Nicholas Fisher is one of the researchers who reported findings about radiation levels in tunu in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday. Fisher (somewhat alarmingly) said researchers were "frankly kind of startled" at the radiation levels found 6,000 miles away off US shores.

radioactive tuna

(Does anyone else feel like Chicken Tempura right now?)

Comparison testing with East Coast fish of the same varieties yielded results that, according to an expert who spoke to the AP "are unequivocal... Fukushima was the source." So far, experts say that the levels are still relatively safe to consume.