David Beckham Gets Cozy With Kevin Hart, Says No To James Bond [Video]


David Beckham is teaching Kevin Hart how to be David Beckham.

Well, sort of. In the new teaser trailer for H & M’s Modern Essentials Collection, which was curated by the legendary footballer, Kevin Hart is learning the art of being David Beckham. Hart portrays himself as a method actor who is following Beckham around, even moving into his home, to star in the titular role of the fake film I Beckham.


The teaser begins with Beckham speaking with his agent, who informs him of Hart’s desire to play him in the film. As Beckham and his agent continue the call, as we hear that Hart wants to stay with Beckham, we see the odd couple twinning in different H & M designs, with Hart on the sidelines, mimicking Beckham’s poses. The teaser goes on to show Hart sneaking into Beckham’s bedroom, the two taking an ice bath, and Beckham asking Hart, “How long are you staying?”

The full video will be available on H & M’s website on September 28.

Although Beckham seemed a bit irritated with Hart in the teaser, it is the complete opposite in real life, as both Beckham and Hart gushed about each other. Hart stated that “to be able to make fun of a global icon like David Beckham is a comedian’s dream,” and that the reason he took the offer to work with Beckham on the H & M ad is because he loved sports as well as fashion.

Beckham also admitted that he admires the 36-year-old comedian, who is taking his What Now? tour across the country, calling him one of the funniest and smartest guys around.

As for the James Bond rumors, Beckham was quick to squash those during an interview with Good Morning Britain‘s Susanna Reid.

“I’ve definitely not been contacted, I’m definitely not, obviously, up for doing something like that, but it’s nice to be linked (to the project), I suppose,” he told Reid. He also stated that he can’t impersonate Sean Connery’s voice or Roger Moore’s eyebrow. In fact, while Tom Hardy seems to be the fan favorite to follow in Daniel Craig’s footsteps — at least, according to Boylesports — while Beckham barely made the cut.

That’s not to say that the former Manchester United player won’t act: Belstaff has released a short film called Outlaws, in which Beckham plays a “daredevil motor biker” named The Stranger.

David Beckham Gets Cozy With Kevin Hart, Says No To James Bond [Video]

He states that he comes in to “rescue the maiden in distress, which I think I do pretty well.” What happens next? Beckham says, “Then she ends up riding off on my bike. And I get in a car with Kathy [Moriarty].”

Belstaff describes Beckham’s role as “a man whose anonymity and bravery can upset the status quo, shift power and help inspire lost souls.” The short film is the 40-year-old’s first acting role.

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]