AlDub Update: Drama Between Alden And Yaya Dub Goes Global As Yaya Recovers From Car Crash

AlDub continues to blow away records in the Philippines, with the saga of Alden and Yaya Dub playing out on Eat Bulaga, which is now reaching tens of millions of followers and expanding across the globe.

The love story is playing out on the popular noontime show on GMA, a saga taking place live before audiences. They are now watching to see what happens with Yaya Dub, who Zeizib noted has been off-camera while recovering from unknown injuries suffered from a car crash.

The AlDub story has been increasing in popularity, and this weekend, the star-crossed lovers took a monumental step -- their first date. After watching the ever-present Lola Nidora keep the lovers apart, viewers finally got to see them together and alone as they went on a date.

But it ended in (possible) tragedy, with Yaya Dub leaving quickly and getting into a car accident, from which she is recovering this week. The drama is wildly popular, with more than 12 million tweets after Saturday's show.

The AlDub saga is now getting plenty of press outside the Philippines. As Filipino cultural blogger Joe America notes, there are some interesting historical comparisons for AlDub.

"Well, in our time, there was Beatlemania, it was still about love, but there was no physical presence of the opposite sexes and most was in musical poetry, generic, up in the clouds. There were the Spice Girls and One Direction, but they didn't cut through the age groups, limited in scope. This time in the Philippines, the adulation for AlDub is like a tide, a flood, like weather, sunny or stormy, lingering, pervasive, encompassing, unlimited in its potential.

"Potential for what? As a lover of things Philippine, I am always on the lookout for a break, a miracle, a turnaround, a u-turn from the present scheme of things."

AlDub doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. While the phenomena may be annoying to some -- and there is definitely people online who are very vocal about being sick of the drama -- the Twitter activity related to the show is only increasing.

GMA News produced a map showing how Twitter activity has been trending related to AlDub, showing an explosion of activity as the lovers grew closer and closer.

While there are some critics worried of how long Eat Bulaga can drag out the drama, the latest development and the uncertainty over Yaya Dub's conditions shows that fans are still clamoring for AlDub updates.

[Image via Facebook/Eat Bulaga]