‘Activewear’ YouTube Video Goes Viral: 80,000-Plus Views In 24 Hours [Video]

With “Athleisure” taking the fashion world by storm, it’s no wonder the below YouTube video called “ACTIVEWEAR” is going completely viral. The Washington Post already reported on just how much athletic gear is going gangbusters in sales, and how much athleisure is being worn by men and women who like to workout and wear their workout gear outside the gym and still look decent. New retail stores, such Chelsea Collective, are getting in on the trend, with the new chain of stores from Dick’s Sporting Goods hawking a lot of activewear. The below video, however, makes fun of women who wear activewear, even when they are doing things that are decidedly non-active or even detrimental to their health, such as smoking or pigging out, laying on the couch and watching TV.

The women who wear activewear whilst being non-active make for a funny YouTube video. The trend of wearing such stretchy, comfy clothing that’s been dubbed activewear is likely not to disappear anytime soon — so expect to see plenty of other comedians besides the Australian sketch comedy group, called Skit Box, to take on the trend.

The Skit Box video that mocks women who wear exercise gear for daily chores, reports the Daily Mail, is gaining traction. Women who do don activewear on a daily basis know that it makes their lives easier from being able to transition from home to the gym to other places. Exercise fiends realize that wearing your gym clothes whilst running errands and completing chores makes it all easier to pop in the gym and work out on the treadmill and lift weights without having to change out of those clothes. And every single excuse that’s done away with that separates one from the health club is a closer step to getting in shape and keeping up with daily workout routines.

The video that mocks women addicted to wearing activewear, however, is everything that folks have always wanted to say about those ladies who walk around in yoga pants but haven’t actually completed a yoga class in years, reports Mashable. Perhaps some women don activewear because it’s just so darn beautiful, and it makes them feel slimmer or in with the trend. Wearing activewear while grocery shopping actually might inspire others to literally hit up a boot camp class. But those women who stroll their kids around in activewear shouldn’t be mocked: Pushing about 75 pounds worth of kids and jog strollers up a hill along a hiking trail is a serious workout!

[Image via YouTube]