‘Real Barbie’ Lammily Doll: The ‘Period’ Doll With ‘Period Parties’ — Cellulite Included

There’s a new doll on the block. And this new “normal” Barbie doll called Lammily gets her period, reports People‎. According to the description on the Lammily YouTube channel, the dolls are different than normal, period-less dolls. Of course, the Lammily doll isn’t really a Barbie doll — but the creation of Nickolay Lamm. Lamm’s Lammily doll gets her period and weighs a normal weight, a lot more realistic than Barbie. Lammily as a doll can also come with things real women have, like cellulite, pimples, and stretch marks – along with a period. These dolls are being hailed as great teaching tools to teach young girls about their periods.

“Lammily is a line of fashion dolls made according to realistic proportions.”

The “Da Period Talk” viral video is hilarious, with a young girl sitting at a dining room table, suffering through her parents rapping about her upcoming period. Their rap comes replete with a basket of eggs that represents the eggs released each month. The mom and dad in the rapping video also have cranberry juice that’s poured out to represent “riding the crimson wave” of her period.

The Lammily doll videos are a hit, along with the “Period Party” to teach about periods. Thus far, Da Period Talk YouTube video has gained 63,290 views in the 24 hours or less since it was published to YouTube. Previously, the YouTube video, titled “#DoYou – Lammily Goes to the Beach!” swelled to 491,156 views, published 6 months ago.

Apparently, the first video on the channel, called “Lammily: Time to Get Real,” has received the most attention thus far, with 2,785,866 views in the 10 months since it was published to YouTube. Lammily is striking a chord with doll buyers who want to see more life-like traits in the dolls they buy their children.

Those who are real fans of the doll can drop $25 on Lamm’s website for the doll, plus pay additional monies for extras like pimples and more. There’s also an ethnic photographer doll on the website that’s available for pre-order.

Lammily — or at least the ad for the doll — has been called weird by Adweek‎ — noting the funny viral YouTube video that is bringing more attention to the line of dolls. And indeed, the Lammily doll is getting its fair share of attention. From daytime TV talk shows to Lammily appearing on sites like Cosmopolitan.com‎ — this is one realistic doll whose day has come. And apparently, her period, too — along with period pads.

[Image via YouTube]