Jamie Lee Curtis Admits She’s Done ‘Really Terrible’ Shows And Movies Just To Get By, So She’s Extremely Grateful To Be In ‘Scream Queens’

Glee creator Ryan Murphy is the brainchild behind the new Fox show Scream Queens, a horror-comedy series featuring some of the biggest names in film and TV. Among those major stars is classic horror movie star Jamie Lee Curtis, who appeared in many of the Halloween films. Ryan Murphy claims he wouldn’t have made Scream Queens if Jamie Lee Curtis hadn’t agreed to do the show. Little did he know, Jamie Lee Curtis was more than thrilled to get the offer.

According to People Magazine, Curtis is overwhelmed with gratitude for being cast in Scream Queens, to the point of becoming emotional when talking about it. She claims the show has been in the works for a long time now, and she’s thrilled that it’s finally going on the air.

“We’ve been working on the show for a long time, and today it’s being born,” she told the Today show.

But Jamie Lee Curtis also revealed that things have not always been easy in her acting career. She admitted that she’s agreed to do many bad films and television shows just to be able to afford to live, which is why she’s so excited for Scream Queens.

“And I’ve got to tell you, if you don’t think that I am so grateful at 56 years old to have this job at this moment in my life, when – as I’ve said – I’ve done advertising for people and I’ve done some really terrible movies and TV shows just to live my life. I just woke up this morning weeping at this moment in my life. At this moment for me.”

It’s difficult to say what “really terrible” movies Jamie Lee Curtis was referring to, but in the context of Scream Queens it’s hard not to assume she was hinting at previous horror projects she was a part of.

Fortunately for Murphy and Curtis, Scream Queens is off to a good start. And a review by the LA Times claims that Jamie Lee Curtis is easily the best thing about Scream Queens.

“Murphy knows what he’s doing; not only is Curtis as good a get as there is to be got, she is absolutely the best thing about the new Fox series, which attempts a post-modern riff on the genre her screams begat.”

Scream Queens follows a group of sorority girls, including stars like Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Keke Palmer, who are brutally killed off one by one–but there’s also a fair bit of comedy thrown in. Catch the two hour premiere of Scream Queens at 8 p.m. tonight on Fox.

[Image credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images]