Lucy Gordon, Actress, Dead in Apparent Suicide

British actress Lucy Gordon has died in what police are calling a suicide. Gordon was found hanging from the ceiling in her Paris apartment Monday, published reports indicate. Gordon would have turned 29 just two days later.

Lucy Gordon, Actress: 1980 – 2009

Lucy Gordon’s career appeared to be on an upward slope: She had played a reporter in 2007’s Spider-Man and had a part in the critically acclaimed Frost in 2008. Two other movies in which she appears, Cineman (a French comedy) and Serge Gainsbourg (in which she played the part of Jane Birkin), are both listed as being in post-production on the Internet Movie Database.

The exact circumstances leading up to Gordon’s death are not yet clear. Police tell media outlets that she “had taken her own life in terrible circumstances” and that they are “not seeking anyone else” in the investigation. A friend of Gordon’s (who, by some accounts, was a boyfriend) reportedly told police he was in the home asleep and found Gordon hanging when he awoke.

Friends of Lucy Gordon have suggested the actress was “deeply affected” by a recent friend’s suicide. Her agents are quoted as simply saying she “ended her own days.”

An autopsy is now pending.