'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12 Spoilers: Meredith's New Love Interest

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 spoilers reveal that there are big changes coming for the doctors at Seattle's Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Meredith Grey's life is never going to be the same.

In Season 11 Grey's Anatomy fans watched as beloved character Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka "McDreamy," died as a result of a car accident and a less-than-prepared hospital. Derek died leaving his wife Meredith with two children, Zola and Bailey. However, we later found out that Mer was pregnant with baby number three, whom she gave birth to while in hiding after Derek's death. Meredith named the baby Ellis after her own mother and finally returned to Seattle.

Now, with Meredith's life-changing and growing after Derek's death, it may be time for her to find love again. According to Design & Trend, a new love interest is coming for Meredith, but don't worry -- fans will have time to warm up to the idea. The new man won't be introduced until later in the season, and sparks won't fly until towards the finale.

In addition to Grey's Anatomy Season 12 changes for the characters, the tone of the show will be lighter and different as well. Ellen Pompeo recently revealed it will be a "brighter" show after Season 11 was a devastating and dark one.

"This year we're going to turn over the soil, and the show has a lighter look. It's brighter. We're trying to go back a little bit more to the original 'Grey's Anatomy' and have a little bit of a lighter tone this year."

TV Line reports that Season 12 will have romance, and that Meredith will be opening up to a new man, another doctor of course, played by the handsome actor Martin Henderson.

It will be interesting to see how Meredith adjusts to life as a single mother of three and then readjusts to being back in the dating world. However, the old Meredith would get drunk on Tequila and head to Joe's bar where she would pick up hot guys and try to forget her troubles. Meredith now is a mother, much more mature, and an attending doctor at a hospital which bares her last name.

Whoever Meredith ends up with will have to embrace her crazy life, which includes sisters, heartache, children, and, of course, all those mother issues she can never seem to get over. It will be a wild journey, and fans can't wait to see it unfold.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey's Anatomy Season 12 spoilers?

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