Nathan Griffith And Jenelle Evans Face Off During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Finale: ‘Why Did You Go To The Police?’

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans’ relationship has been strained for the last several weeks on Teen Mom 2 Season 6, and during the upcoming finale, things are no different. After the two sit down to discuss their relationship and plans for son Kaiser, they quickly begin fighting once again.

“Obviously I wouldn’t be over here if I didn’t still care about you, but we do need to come up with a game plan to stop the fighting, stop the feuding, stop the madness and the violence, and the police being involved,” Nathan Griffith tells his former fiancée in a sneak peek at Thursday night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, shared by MTV on September 22.

Right away, Evans, who spent a night behind bars due to an alleged fight with Nathan Griffith during the previous episode, wants to know why Nathan Griffith contacted the police if he didn’t want them involved.

“I never pressed charges in the first place,” Nathan Griffith insists.

However, Evans claims police informed her that Nathan Griffith told them she attacked him, and even showed them the alleged marks she left on his body.

Still, Nathan Griffith continues to stick by his story, and says the only reason he went to police was to obtain a temporary restraining order against her while he waited for her to “calm down.”

After Nathan Griffith and Evans ended their two-year relationship, he quickly moved on with Jessica Henry, whom he appears to still be dating, and at one point, he brought Henry with him to pick up Kaiser, which enraged his former fiancée.

Although Nathan Griffith appears to be open to a reconciliation with Evans in the clip, he later tells her that Henry is an “awesome girl” as the clip comes to an end.

In the months since filming wrapped, Evans and Nathan Griffith appear to have had an on-again, off-again relationship. While Nathan Griffith is rumored to be back with Henry at the moment, he was with Evans just weeks ago — in his underwear — and a photo of their night together was shared online.

As their relationship drama continues, Evans and Nathan Griffith are co-parenting their 1-year-old son, Kaiser, back and forth from North Carolina, where Evans lives, to South Carolina, where Nathan Griffith has a home.

For more of Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans, tune into the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 finale on Thursday, September 24, at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out the sneak peek clip below.

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