Blake Shelton Helping Gwen Stefani Through Her Divorce

Blake Shelton may be going through a hard time after his own divorce from country singer Miranda Lambert, but he is actually helping Gwen Stefani through her divorce as well. Hollywood Life shared that laughter is the best medicine, and Blake Shelton is helping Gwen by using it. The two are together all the time for filming The Voice.

The news about Gwen Stefani’s divorce from Gavin Rossdale came out about the same time as Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce was revealed. A source shared that this worked out because Blake has been a great rock for her. The source revealed a lot.

“Blake has been a great source of joy and laughter for Gwen during a difficult time in her life. She can’t believe how blessed she is to have been offered this job on The Voice where she gets to be around amazing people like him, Adam Levine an Pharreell Williams. She loves them all like brothers but it’s Blake who really helps keep her mind off her split with Gavin. Despite his own marriage trouble, Blake is always smiling and keeping things light on set. Any time Gwen feels like crying, Blake is there cracking her up. He’s helping through her break up with belly laughs.”

This source says that there is no truth to the rumors that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating each other. They revealed that they are more like brother and sister than romantic. Hollywood Life recently shared that the rumors are heating up that these two could be more than friends. Blake and Gwen both became single about the same time, which just happened to be right before The Voice started. An insider shared that Blake Shelton even gives her little gifts and calls her all the time. So far, Blake and Gwen are both staying quiet on these rumors and not admitting that they are dating anyone.

Blake and Gwen’s friendship has obviously blossomed from dealing with their divorces at the same time. Blake is helping her to laugh and make it through. Even if they may not be actually dating yet, a lot of relationships come from being friends first and this could be the perfect match. Blake and Gwen have the perfect friendship that could someday turn into love.

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[Picture Source Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel]