‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4: Mindy Kaling Says There Will Be A ‘Nightmare’ Birth, Why?

One of the main storyline’s in the new season of The Mindy Project will be Mindy’s (Mindy Kaling) adjustment to her engagement with Danny (Chris Messina). However, while the couple will be exploring this next step in their relationship, Mindy’s pregnancy is going to have an effect on everything, including her desire to wear her new ring.

“The first problem she has is she’s always wanted to have the big rock on her finger, but what happens is she’s pregnant so it only fits on her pinkie,” Matt Warburton explained to E! News during a recent interview.

Kaling added that Mindy’s life is just about perfect right now, and it is because of this that they’ve had to throw in a few hurdles for her character in order to ensure that everything doesn’t go off without a hitch.

“We just don’t want things to happen to Mindy on a predictable schedule. And they haven’t,” she revealed. “She can’t have a great job, a great boyfriend, have these awesome clothes, and just get everything she wants in a normal timeframe, otherwise you’d be like, ‘I hate her. She has too happy of a life.’ So we try to throw her off as much as we can.”

With Mindy set to deal with a number of different hurdles, Warburton backed up Kaling’s statements, and added that timing will be one major issue for Mindy this season on The Mindy Project.

“We’re giving her what she wanted at a time when it’s not ideal,” he stated. “And so she wants to be the most annoying fiancée in the world but she has so much other stuff going on it’s almost spoiled for her sometimes.”

At the same, these troubles will also be incorporated into Mindy’s pregnancy. In fact, Warburton stated that her pregnancy is not going to go over smoothly for Mindy, who envisions giving birth in a very different way than what she is actually going to experience.

“Mindy is the kind of mother that wants to be knocked out for five days and the baby is presented to her as an Amazon package,” the executive producer explained. “And she will find herself in a position that is very much the opposite of that, and have to do it in a very natural way. Her nightmare.”

Fans can watch Mindy work through all the issues in her newfound life as a parent when The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu.

[Image Courtesy: Fox]