‘Nashville’ Season 4 Spoilers: Was Deacon’s Fate Revealed By New Posters?

One of the biggest questions heading into season four of Nashville surrounds Deacon (Charles Esten) and his ongoing battle with liver cancer. With posters for the upcoming season now released, do they hint that Deacon might not make it through alive?

The poster in question, which was released by the Hollywood Reporter, features Deacon, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), and Rayna (Connie Britton), with Deacon wearing a good amount of black. While this isn’t a direct indication that Deacon didn’t survive the liver transplant, the symbolism of black does not really bode well for the character.

In addition to the recent posters, there are other hints that point towards a coming tragedy. As Dee Johnson told Entertainment Weekly, Zoey (Chaley Rose) will make an appearance this season, and her character is coming back because of some sort of calamity.

Furthermore, Deacon has not been featured in any of the promotional videos. Although this could be a ploy to try and keep fans guessing about his fate, Rayna is heard during one of the videos talking with someone on the phone, saying “I’ve had to do a lot of letting go lately.”

As fans may recall, the Season 3 finale of Nashville featured Deacon undergoing a liver transplant surgery, thanks to Beverly, in order to get rid of his liver cancer. However, the finale ended with one of the characters flatlining while on the surgery table.

While the flatline might indicate that one of the characters died, Johnson explained to TVLine that it could mean a number of things. “Just for the record, a flatline doesn’t necessarily mean somebody doesn’t get resuscitated. I’m just putting that out there.”

Despite all the reports that Deacon’s end may be forthcoming, there is a possibility that his surgery went well. In fact, the reason why Rayna and Deacon chose to not get married before his surgery points towards the idea that a wedding will take place in the future. “The general feeling from many, many parties who are involved in making this show is that it would be nice to see a real wedding at some point,” Johnson stated in the interview.

Meanwhile, other photos from the opening episode reveal that Juliette will play a large role in the first installment of Season 4. According to BuddyTV, Juliette will be performing a duet with Steven Tyler, as the two sing his hit song, Crazy.

The new season of Nashville is set to hit televisions September 23 on ABC.

[Image Courtesy: Nashville/ Facebook]