‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury: ‘Humpgate’ Didn’t Cross The Line!

Ladies Of London is back, and Caroline Stanbury isn’t holding anything back this season. Stanbury is confident in who she is, and she can joke around without things becoming too serious. On last night’s episode, Caroline got drunk with all of the other ladies as they celebrated New Year’s Eve together. And during the night, Stanbury thought it would be funny to hump Juliet Angus’ husband on a couch.

It was all innocent fun, and Caroline Stanbury was doing it with someone taking pictures and filming it. Stanbury was not alone, and there was nothing harmful about it. But Juliet was furious when she found out. Now, Caroline is offering her thoughts on “humpgate” and her Ladies Of London drama.

According to a new Bravo report, Ladies Of London star Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she didn’t feel she crossed the line when she got up on Angus’ husband and pretended to hump him.

“No, it was New Year’s Eve, everyone was drunk. I wanted everyone to join in with the fun. Looking back it probably was poor judgement but it was all done in good humor,” Stanbury reveals, hinting that she didn’t think too much about it.

During the scene, Julie Montagu revealed that she thought it was odd and she didn’t want her husband to be in that position. And the Ladies Of London viewers were not surprised when things heated up and it is possible that Caroline fueled Angus’ frustrations with her, according to 2 Paragraphs.

“That’s crossing a line,” Juliet told Caroline, who replied with, “It was a joke.” But Juliet didn’t think it was funny, adding, “There are certain boundaries.” And Caroline Stanbury didn’t take her hint, adding, “Not when you’re dressed as a unicorn. And your husband said that he loved it.”

But it is possible that Caroline was just trying to blow off some steam. On the same episode, Stanbury revealed that she needed to save her business, the Gift Library.

“Gift Library was my absolute baby, I had built it from nothing by myself. Like with most things I internalize my feelings and put up these barriers, I’m sorry if everyone thinks that it’s cold but I almost go into a shell and have to make sure I come back out fighting,” Caroline reveals, adding about her lunch with Julie, “I was super impressed by Julie’s business pitch, she was super organised but I needed to take time out and concentrate on trying to save my own business. As much as I wanted to help her and be there for her, I wanted her to learn from the mistakes I had made.”

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s behavior on Ladies Of London?

[Image / Screen Capture via Bravo]