Is Jo Rivera’s Girlfriend In Labor? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Vee Torres On Twitter: ‘2cm’

Has Jo Rivera’s pregnant girlfriend, Vee Torres, gone into early labor? According to an OK! Magazine report on September 21, the Teen Mom 2 star appeared to hint at such on Twitter over the weekend. However, she quickly set the record straight with fans after captioning a photo with “2cm.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m in early labor. God people are so dumb! They made it seem like I was laying in a hospital bed giving birth.”

Although Torres isn’t quite ready to give birth, her longtime boyfriend, Jo Rivera, is understandably excited and anxious about the upcoming event.

“[Jo Rivera] is practically wishing I go into labor today after my dr appt. I’m just as anxious as him but d— lol.”

Jo Rivera’s relationship with Torres has been a central storyline for the last couple of years on Teen Mom 2, and during Season 6, the two got serious. Not only did Torres agree to move out of state with her boyfriend of three years, she and Jo Rivera also announced their exciting baby news to Jo Rivera’s son, Isaac.

In a clip from the show, via Wetpaint Entertainment, Lowry explained that while she was happy for Jo Rivera, she wasn’t necessarily concerned with their baby news and had stronger feeling about his move to Delaware.

“I don’t give a s—t. I’m happy for them It’s great that they’re starting their own family, but other than that I don’t care at all… I am bothered that Jo is moving into my development. I told Jo I want to keep our custody agreement. I don’t want you dropping by just because you can and you’re ten houses down!”

Lowry also spoke about Jo Rivera’s second child during an interview with MTV News. At that time, Lowry confirmed she had no plans to be in Jo Rivera’s child’s life, revealing she simply is not a part of Jo Rivera’s life. She also claimed she had no reason to communicate with Torres, as she’s part of a completely separate family.

“If she comes to an event for Isaac, great, if she doesn’t, she doesn’t,” Lowry said of Jo Rivera’s girlfriend.

Jo Rivera’s girlfriend is due sometime in October. An official due date has yet to be revealed.

For more of Jo Rivera and Vee Torres, as well as Kailyn Lowry, tune into the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 finale on Thursday, September 24 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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