‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Rafe Confronts Eduardo, Steve And Joey Connect

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that the stage is being set for a lot of drama coming throughout this week. Eve’s ex Eduardo has returned to town, the serial killer is about to strike again, and a key DiMera is set to reappear in Salem to cause chaos. What’s slated to happen on the September 22 show?

Eve is devastated over Paige’s death, and now Eduardo, played by fan favorite A Martinez, has showed up in town. Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry share that Eduardo and Rafe will have a tense confrontation in Tuesday’s show. From the sounds of things, nobody is particularly glad to see Eduardo in Salem.

While Eve is not happy to see Eduardo, it seems she will find some support in Kate. We Love Soaps shares that Kate and Eve will connect in Tuesday’s episode, and the bond they form may help Eve find a way forward after her daughter’s death. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that Eve’s time in Salem will be coming to an end soon.

Elsewhere in Salem, Steve has taken off to try to find Bo, but he has a bit more help than he anticipated. Joey snuck onto the plane, and this will definitely shake up Steve’s search plans. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Steve and Joey will have some heartfelt moments in Tuesday’s episode as Steve tries to convince Joey of how important his family is to him.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s episode, it seems that Nicole will discover that Theresa is looking to pull Kate into the mix as an investor for her Basic Black plan. Nicole is not at all happy about this, as she has a complicated history with Kate. However, Nicole may be left with no choice but to go along with the idea to get what she ultimately wants.

There’s a lot more drama ahead this week, as Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that the serial killer will try to take Marlena’s life on Wednesday, and Andre DiMera returns to shake things up on Friday’s show. In addition, viewers will supposedly get a peek at the serial killer’s face on Thursday’s episode.

Who will be the next to die? Who is responsible for the murder rampage in Salem? Viewers can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]