Übi Turns Any Surface Into A Touchscreen Using Microsoft Kinect

Startup company Übi is using Microsoft Kinect technology in a new and exciting way that could point to the future of business and school based presentations. By connecting its own software and hardware to the Kinect system and a computer Übi has managed to turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen.

Based out on Munich the startup claims that its technology can be applied to virtually any surface, allowing for interactive touchscreen presentations without the need for a clicker, mouse, pointer or any other type of hardware based device.

Übi built its system using Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows software development kit and the project was partially funded by Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator program.

Übi uses the Kinect to capture images and then its own software analyzes and processes those images in order to create a touch-friendly display. The software generates commands from gestures which allows users to click, drag and edit screen elements as if they were doing so on a traditional touchscreen based device.

According to the startup the software can be retrofitted into any existing projection system without too much effort.

The Übi project is still in development and the company is not offering any hints at the availability of the system although it claims the platform will have a low cost of acquisition once ready for mass sales.

Here’s a diagram that provides a basic explanation of the Übi systems setup:

Ubi Kinect System

Is the Übi Kinect touchscreen system you would be willing to use for business or school presentations?

[via WiredUK]