One Direction And Their Fans Called ‘A Circus’ By Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy has thrown shade at One Direction and their fans once again. It seems that some people just do not know when to let sleeping dogs lie. Naughty Boy is far from the flavor of the month with One Direction fans as things stand, but once again the record producer is likely to reap the whirlwind from Directioners after an interview he gave on British TV earlier today. Some One Direction fans blamed Naughty Boy for “stealing” Zayn Malik from One Direction when he shocked fans worldwide by walking out on the boyband back in March.

Many One Direction fans believed that Malik had walked out because he was planning to release music with Naughty Boy. Things went from bad to worse when Naughty Boy had a very public spat with One Direction star Louis Tomlinson on Twitter. Malik and Naughty Boy then had a public falling out when Zayn described Naughty Boy as “a fat joke.”

In recent weeks, things have quietened down, but it is all sure to kick off again. Naughty Boy appeared on today’s Lorraine on ITV, and once again he has made comments that are sure to infuriate One Direction fans. According to the Mirror, as soon as the interviewer mentioned Zayn Malik, Naughty Boy rolled his eyes.

Speaking about his fights with One Direction and their fans, Naughty Boy said that he was caught up “in a circus,” and he claimed that One Direction “are not even a band.”

“I basically just got caught up in a circus. When Zayn left the group, I was accused of being the reason why he left. People thought he left because he wanted to work with me. One Direction aren’t even a band. They’re more like an economy. Not a band.”

According to Unreality TV, Naughty Boy claims that the fall out with One Direction was like going back to “primary school.” To add insult to injury, the producer claims that, in contrast to his spats with One Direction, working with people like Beyonce is like “I’m doing my masters.”

It seems that the bad feelings between Naughty Boy, One Direction, Zayn Malik, and One Direction fans are a long way from over. Many fans will see these latest comments as another fanning of the flames.

Naughty Boy claims that he “hated the [One Direction spat]. I want to put it all to one side now and move on.” Many will think that this seems like an odd approach to “moving on.”

[Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images]