‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Ladies Arrive in L.A.: Who Are This Season’s Contestants?

Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor starts filming this week, and fans are anxious to learn more about the 25 girls who will try to win the 27-year-old Colorado businessman’s final rose.

The new season of the Bachelor won’t air until January 4, 2016, but Reality Steve already has details on several of the girls this season and revealed the names of two of Ben’s wanna-be wives on Tuesday.

The ladies started arriving in L.A. on Sunday and will meet Ben for the first time when the limos roll up to the Bachelor mansion on Thursday. Fans can expect to see information about some of Ben’s dates pop up on Twitter throughout the season. Dates that happen early in the season are typically spoiled by fans who happen to be near the location where the dates are filmed, so keep any eye out for Twitter posts with the hashtag #TheBachelor.

Where Ben will travel this season is still unknown, but hopefully viewers will see more exotic locations this time around. All but one of Bachelor Chris Soules’ dates were in the U.S., with Bustle noting that his travel itinerary was “pretty lame” compared to the leading men from previous seasons. With Ben’s passion for giving back to the people in Honduras, it won’t be a big surprise to see him travel there with his ladies.

Chances are good that Ben Higgins will fall in love with one or more ladies this season, and there is no doubt that fans will enjoy watching Ben’s love story unfold. Host Chris Harrison tells USA Today that Ben is very genuine and a “good man” — let’s hope the girls cast for the show are serious about finding love with the guy who looks a grown-up Peter Brady.

“He reminds me a lot of Sean Lowe… He’s charismatic, he’s charming, self-deprecating, he’s a man of faith. I think that people are going to get to see a very genuine, good gentleman and a good man be The Bachelor. I think it’s going to be a wild season.”

The season premiere is still more than three months away, so there’s plenty of time to stock up on wine and snacks before Ben Higgins’ makes his debut as the Bachelor on January 4, 2016. Follow Ben on Twitter and Instagram just in case he pulls a Kaitlyn Bristowe and leaks out a photo that spoils the ending.

[Image: ABC]