Chris Brown Concerts Seem To Have A Patter Of Violence, Kylie Jenner Gets Attacked

According to TMZ, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was about to leave Chris Brown’s show with a team of bodyguards on Friday when a fan yanked her hair. Kylie Jenner’s bodyguards stepped in and ushered her to safety in no time.

The hair-pulling incident is actually tame compared to what happened in Chris Brown’s past shows.

Chris Brown’s concerts have a potential for violence. Group fights that happened during the artist’s past shows resulted in injuries and multiple arrests.

Earlier this year, a shooting incident happened at Brown’s show at the Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose, California. Shots rang out while Brown was performing one of his songs prompting security to usher him out of the venue. Other attendees, however, weren’t as lucky.

Five people were injured in the shooting and were brought to the hospital. One of those who were shot, Paul Briley, sued Chris Brown and the Fiesta Nightclub. In the suit, Briley blamed Brown and the nightclub for the permanent injuries he sustained due to the gunshot wound.

The complainant, who happens to be a fan of Brown’s, said he holds the singer responsible for what happened because he failed to provide enough security during his show. In the lawsuit, the complainant said Brown’s concerts have a history of violence.

The fan seeks monetary damages for all the pain and suffering he had to go through because of the shooting incident at Chris Brown’s concert.

On September 19, the Concord Police Department sent police officers to patrol Chris Brown’s concert in Concord, California to ensure the safety of all the attendees.

A total of 40 police officers were detailed in the area, in addition to the 20 security guards provided by the venue.

An official of the Concord Police Department told TMZ they had to bring in more cops because they found out through research that there was a “pattern’ to Chris Brown’s shows and concerts. The official added that Chris Brown “brings in a type of crowd.”

Chris Brown’s September 19 Concert at the Concord Pavilion was relatively calm. There was a reported “chest pumping” inside the concert venue but luckily for Brown and his fans, it did not escalate into a fight. However, a few individuals had to be brought to a hospital by ambulance due to alcohol poisoning.

[Image by Chelsea Lauren, Getty Images]