Yolanda Foster And Brandi Glanville To Meet Up With Kim Richards Soon

By the end of season five of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville wasn’t friends with Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson. Not only was she not friends with them, she battled with them on the reunion show and on social media. Despite Brandi’s tense and strained relationships with those four women, she managed to remain friends with Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards.

In an interview with RumorFix, posted on Monday, Brandi revealed that she and Yolanda were still in close contact and were hanging out regularly. Brandi also gave an update on Yolanda’s health.

“I talk to Yolanda Foster all the time! We were just together at her place. She’s doing a lot better. She got her implants taken out, and she’s a new person.”

In August, Yolanda revealed via social media that doctors discovered silicone was leaking from old breast implants. She expressed hope that removal of the implants might improve her health.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi confirmed several weeks ago that Yolanda, despite her battle with Lyme Disease, is filming the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It remains to be seen whether Yolanda will be shown as a starring or recurring housewife.

Throughout the fifth season, Yolanda regularly defended her friendship with Brandi. On the reunion show, Lisa Vanderpump said that Yolanda, whom host Andy Cohen described as the show’s peacemaker, made excuses for Brandi and regularly gave her a pass. Yolanda explained why she’s still friends with Brandi.

“Well I don’t think I give her a pass. I think I don’t make excuses for her. I think it’s very easy for all of us to just kick her to the curb like a bag of trash and move on with life and pretend we’re all so perfect and great. But none of us are great. I just, in my heart, feel that she needs all of us and I will not allow her to push me to the side because that’s what everybody does.”

Yolanda Foster may actually be getting together with Brandi Glanville soon to celebrate Kim Richards’ birthday. On Saturday, Yolanda wished Kim, who turned 51, a happy birthday. Yolanda told Kim that she’s praying health and happiness come her way.

Kim thanked Yolanda for her message and said that she’s excited to see her next week.

“Thank you🌸💗 I’ll see you next week!! Love u.”

Last week, Brandi revealed on Twitter that she recently spoke to Kim and is planning a birthday lunch for her.


Since both Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville have made clear that they do not like one another, it’s likely that Kyle Richards won’t be attending Brandi’s birthday lunch for her sister, Kim, even if peacemaker Yolanda Foster will be there. Kyle has already celebrated Kim’s birthday with her. As reported by the Inquisitr on Sunday, Kim went out to a restaurant on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday with Kyle, along with two of her four children, and her son-in-law.

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