Is Nicki Minaj Bringing Back Roman Zolanski? Chucks The Deuce On Twitter

Since the release of Drake and Future’s What a Time to Be Alive mixtape, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been under fire. Has it pushed her back to her Roman Zolanski persona?

This seems to be the consensus on Twitter. Days before Nicki Minaj’s old friend’s release, she posted a selfie with a colored wig. Fans seem to feel that she only needed a little push to go back to her alter ego.

Maybe the recent speculation about Drake’s verse on “Diamonds Dancing” gave her the nudge needed to reconnect with Zolanski.

While it’s not verified who Drake targeted, specifically, several people have pointed at Nicki for choosing Meek Mill over a relationship with Drizzy.

As reports Uproxx, Nicki opposers have set the rapper at the receiving end of “Diamonds Dancing.” The lyrics allegedly state that Minaj has done Drake dirty and wrong.

However, as the news source states, no names were mentioned. Drizzy kept it anonymous.

While The Atlantic did bid a farewell to Roman last year, it’s possible that Nicki Minaj‘s male persona could make a triumphant return. If you look at her most-recent Twitter update, she threw up the deuces. As ambiguous as it is, several speculations point to saying farewell to her less-animated “Pills N Potions” version.

The Hollywood Gossip reports on the What a Time to Be Alive situation as follows.

“The verse seems to address not only the strained relationship between Drake and Nicki, but also rumors that Nicki has been partying more than ever since dumping Safaree Samuels and hooking up with Meek.”

When the track was released, several people began placing diamonds underneath her photos on Instagram and Twitter, somewhat trolling the star.

They also did the same to Meek Mill, due to a track called, “Digital Dash,” reported Hot New Hip Hop.

What do you think about Nicki Minaj’s situation? Will she allow her alter ego to come back? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photos of Nicki Minaj via Instagram]