WWE News: WWE Cutting Back On WWE Superstars Kicking Out Of Finishers?

The WWE is going through some changes. First, they changed the way Tron videos are made. Also, the WWE isn’t showing live action on the Tron anymore. It was abrupt, but it’s a change worth noting. Secondly, the writing seems to change slightly week-by-week. For those that can’t notice it, watch WWE Raw closer and notice the differences.

These changes are executed to make the product better. WWE fans complain, while some of it is deserved, the ones who complain want change. Now, WWE is changing the way they do things. However, after observing Night of Champions, something was vastly different in the conclusions of the matches.

WWE stars weren’t kicking out of each other finishers two or three times a match. That’s what many fans argue is illogical, because a finisher is supposed to finish a match. Up to the last few years, finishers were sacred inside the WWE. As for the past year or so, their luster was going by the wayside.

Is this a definitive change the WWE is moving towards? According to Ringside News and Bryan Alvarez, expect WWE stars to fall to finishers moving forward.

“Alvarez pointed out that not one match at Sunday’s Night of Champions event featured “kick outs” when a finisher was hit, while recently it’s been a trend more often than it should. Alvarez said the company probably realized that they were doing it way too often, and are now going back to their old tactics where it is very unlikely that a Superstar will kick out of a finishing maneuver.”

Despite the small sample size, Alvarez makes a great point. At every PPV, a finisher is kicked out of at least one. Especially in the big matches, they are often kicked out of multiple times. Jim Ross, former-WWE announcer, addressed this epidemic several months ago.

“Not overly wild about it. Think it should be done very sparingly.”

Ross didn’t need an hour to explain why it’s a bad idea. When WWE superstars kick out of those signature moves, then those moves aren’t special anymore. What if a match between Rollins and Randy Orton went on for 30 minutes, but the RKO and Pedigree were kicked out of three times each? The moves would get stale, and so would the process of doing so.

WWE officials are doing the brilliant thing by making signature moves special again. A finisher should only get kicked out of in a huge match, or special occasion. The wrestlers know a slew of moves, so they can use those and finish the opponent with his or her finisher. Stay tuned to see how the WWE goes from here and if this positive trend continues.

[Image via youtube.com]