Jaromir Jagr Blackmail Photo Leaks, Sparks JagrSelfie Meme

Jaromir Jagr has allegedly been the victim of attempted blackmail, but it turns out that he just might not care. Meanwhile, the incident sparked a #JagrSelfie meme, with fans of the Florida Panthers winger posting selfies that mock the original blackmail photo.

Events surrounding the alleged blackmail are a little complicated, but the Calgary Sun, via Czech outlet Blesk, reports that it started when a photo of Jaromir and a model referred to as “Catherine” surfaced in Czech social media circles. Some reports blame the model for releasing the photo, and the attempted blackmail, but the Blesk report indicates that an unknown party snagged the photo and tried to make a quick buck.

The story goes that the blackmailer approached Jagr and demanded 50,000 Czech crowns, which is a little less than $2,000 USD. If Jagr didn’t pay up, the blackmailer threatened to sell the photo to the media.

The problem for the blackmailer was that Jaromir just didn’t seem to care.

Usually this type of blackmail involves an athlete, actor, or other celebrity who is either married or involved in some kind of serious relationship. Since Jaromir is, by all reports, single, it seems like the blackmailer didn’t really think this thing all the way through.

Although Complex and other sources have linked the 18-year-old Czech model with the blackmail, it isn’t entirely clear whether she had any involvement beyond taking the photo. In fact, Complex reports that she is the one in a serious relationship.

Blackmail usually isn’t a joking matter, but in this case it kind of is. Jaromir obviously doesn’t care, as can be seen in the above tweet by sports commentator Kevin Rozell, and while the model Blesk identified as “Catherine” may experience some fallout with her boyfriend, who has reportedly cited Jagr as an idol, she appears to be the one who snapped the selfie in the first place.

Jaromir’s fans seem to see humor in the situation, as they unleashed #JagrSelfie on Twitter and Instagram. The meme started with fans recreating the original blackmail photo, including a sleeping a partner in the background, peace sign, and pursed duck lips.

#jagrselfie pic.twitter.com/Wl2ydAlm55

— Meek Billy (@mike_3833) September 21, 2015

It just got weirder from there.

Otin minäkin #jagrselfie‘n. Ja kyllä, noudan tuon taustalla roikkuvan takin naulasta. #jagr#poikamies#pirkkohommatpic.twitter.com/DLS0w6ZKED

— Jesse Kareinen (@jessekareinen) September 21, 2015



Posing for a #JagrSelfie with a bottle of Jaeger is actually pretty clever.

Do you think this is the right response to someone trying to use a photo to blackmail Jaromir Jagr?

[Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images]