Emilio Estefan Counters Trump With ‘We’re All Mexican’ Video

Emilio Estefan explained that his star-studded music video for “We’re All Mexican” is to counteract the negative statements being made about Mexicans coming into America. The Grammy award winning producer said it isn’t just about Mexicans in America, but about all Hispanics facing bigotry and hate.

The Cuban-American producer said, “When Mexicans get attacked, we all get attacked.”

According to NBC News, he explained that since Mexicans make up the majority of Hispanics in America, when they are attacked it’s an attack on the entire Latin community.

“We are different, the Mexicans, the Puerto Ricans, the Colombians, the Cubans. At the same time, we are all family.”

The song is meant to change what Estefan sees as growing negative sentiments towards Hispanics in the media, epitomized by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump started his campaign saying that Mexican immigrants coming up from the border are rapists and are bringing drugs and crime, although he assumes that some are good people as well.

The comments prompted a backlash from the Hispanic community. The video isn’t meant to attack the current Republican front-runner; it is designed to “lift up our pride and show the world what we’re doing,” according to Estefan.

The producer made “We’re All Mexican” in roughly two weeks. It features dozens of celebrities and Latin personalities including Wyclef, Eva Longoria, and guitar legend Carlos Santana singing or rapping the words to the song. His wife, singer Gloria Estefan also had a cameo as well as Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Griffin.

Along with the famous personalities, “We’re All Mexican” features images of Hispanic people living their own American dreams – graduating from college, celebrating with families, and waving American flags. Estefan said that some of his friends even started to cry when they saw the video.

He told CNN that he plans to select a president that “brings love.”

“I see a lot of hate and a lot of things and a lot of bringing people apart and I don’t think that’s the future of this country. I need to select the president who brings love … brings everybody together and I don’t see that.”

Still, the producer explained this video is “not about Donald Trump.”

“It’s about the celebration of Hispanic Heritage and how lucky we are to be in America.”

The song We’re All Mexican is not currently for sale, but the video is on Youtube (see below).

[Image Credit: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images]