Anonymous Hackers: Operation ISIS G-String Bikinis, Thongs Will Blow Up DAESH’s Anger

The Anonymous hackers group are not exactly known for their subtlety, and now their latest Operation ISIS hopes to blow up DAESH by causing their heads to explode when they see the latest Anonymous merch: ISIS G-string bikinis and thongs.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, if you have ever wondered what DAESH means, and why the Islamic State leaders hate the nickname, then here is the article for you.

From the beginning, the Anonymous have made it clear their Operation ISIS initiative is intended to “destroy ISIS through ideological means rather than physical action.” Much of Operation ISIS involves targeting the Islamic State’s social media presence. In general, this means providing information that outs ISIS Twitter users, or that diminishes their cause in some manner

In this case, the Anonymous hacker group is flat out trolling ISIS with their latest announcement. The group said via their official Twitter account that they are considering selling ISIS thongs as an apparent show of disrespect.

Always looking for the lolz, the Anonymous hackers also joked about their making their “jihadi fetish” bulletproof by launching a Kickstarter. But it is unlikely the ISIS g-string bikini is unlikely to get off the drawing board since even other Twitter users said they would never buy anything emblazoned with the ISIS flag.

On a more serious note, the Anonymous hacker group also announced the launch of Operation Black October 2015. The basic premise is that they are asking Americans to switch over to using cash only in order to protest against the U.S. banking system.

“US branches of Germany’s Deutsche Bank and Spain’s Banco Santander have failed US Fed stress tests, while America’s largest bank, Bank of America, is put on ‘warning.’ How far can the ordinary people shoulder responsibility of a failed private bank? Anonymous asks you to join the peaceful revolution from October 1 to 31. Take all your money from your bank account, don’t use your credit card, pay cash and change your future. Show the Big Bankers that we don’t need their debit cards, we don’t need their credit cards, we don’t need their loans, and we don’t need them. Let’s show them that we are the 99% and we can beat them. It is that easy.”

What do you think the Anonymous hackers group should target next with Operation ISIS?

[Image via Anonymous]