VMA Frights Turn Funny: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Reunited?

I loved Lisa Raphael’s take on what we’ll expect from Britney Spears when she hits the VMAs. There’s so much fear in the air— Will she flop two times in a row? Will she finally take one home thanks to three nominations?– that this little gem sets our minds at ease (for a while, at least). After last year, anything’s possible, and this is best-case scenario thinking at its finest:

“Britney says she’s not going to do anything, but secretly busts out for a cameo during the finale of Madonna and ex-bf Justin Timberlake’s ‘Four Minutes.’ This time, Madonna and Britney will start to kiss, but Justin will push Madge out of the way and give Brit a smooch, reassuring us that they were just “on a break” and are totally back together now.”

Let’s all envision that instead of the disastrous stuff that could happen (and probably will). Just because Brit can string a few sentences together, wear appropriate clothes, and look semi-healthy does not mean she’s incapable of blowing the whole thing again.

I personally like to imagine Jessica Biel’s enraged face as everything goes down in this glorious (albeit imaginary) VMA shock-fest. It’ll be the most emotion we’ve seen out of her in years.

Image: WireImage