Duggar Family Criticized For Getting 14 Dozen Free Donuts, Posing With Homeless People [Photos]

Treva Bowdoin

Members of the Duggar family recently dressed up like a bunch of pirates and plundered their local Krispy Kreme. Critics of the Duggar clan weren't impressed with the massive amount of blood sugar-spiking booty that they walked away with; the Duggars scored 14 dozen donuts for a total of 168 of the sweet treats.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Duggar family was taking advantage of Krispy Kreme's Talk Like a Pirate Day promotion. On Saturday, anyone who talked like a pirate scored a free donut, and any customer who took the extra step of dressing up like a pirate was rewarded with a box of a dozen donuts. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a photo of their kids' pirate costumes on the Duggar Family Facebook page, and it looks like there was a mutiny at the Duggar compound, as Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were the captains of the Duggar crew during their Krispy Kreme raid.

Duggar Family Free Donuts

Later on, the Duggar family celebrated their Talk Like a Pirate Day spoils in a video that was shared on the family Facebook page and Jill Duggar's Instagram. As you can see, even baby Israel got a dozen donuts.


The donut grab has some critics of the Duggar family calling the move greedy. Over on Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's Facebook page, commenter Linda Sheppard compiled a list of angry comments that were originally posted on the Duggar Family Facebook page. She decided to save them because the Duggars seem to actively delete many negative comments.

"Abusing the system AGAIN!" Wanda Fisher wrote. "You are hogs! GLUTTONY is a SIN, god dam it! You will spoil this for everyone else."

"Just because you 'can' get something for free, doesn't mean you should!" Susan Panther wrote. "I'm beyond disgusted by your selfish, pirating, plundering, pandering ways."

Other commenters wondered whether the greedy Duggar family completely cleared the shelves of their local Krispy Kreme by walking away with 14 dozen donuts, and Kristen Babcock Schoonover questioned their decision to dress up like pirates.

"Pirates were and are thieves, murderers, rapists, and heathens. If you don't believe in Halloween, especially costumes that are non-secular, how do you justify dressing as Godless pirates? Doing it for free donuts makes it acceptable? My bible is missing that verse."


Unsurprisingly, some of Jill Duggar's Instagram followers weren't impressed with her decision to boast about the charitable act.

"Such a blessing to give, but to seek praise for giving is very wrong!" one commenter wrote.

"They got a ridiculous amount of donuts for little effort and then passed a box off onto someone in need instead of actually offering some real help (donuts aren't going to keep you 'full' for very long)," another follower pointed out. "And then they posted about it as if they're somehow great people for their minimal efforts."

"This was not about helping these people," another speculated. "This was about exploitation to garner funds for their so called mission."

Some fans of the Duggar family might worry that the Duggars are in desperate need if they're using a Krispy Kreme promotion to feed their family; but, it's highly unlikely that the family is dead broke. According to the Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, Jim Bob Duggar and two of his sons recently took a trip to the Epcot theme park in Florida, indicating the family has money to spend on traveling. The International Business Times points out that the Duggars are still making money by scoring paid speaking gigs, and it appears Jim Bob Duggar still has his real estate business.

The family might not be suffering financially, but this hasn't stopped them from taking advantage of their fans' generosity. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have asked their fans to help them fund their long-term mission trip in Central America, and a few of the Duggar kids tried to make money using a donate button on the Duggar Studios YouTube page. According to the Daily Beast, the Duggars removed the button after they were criticized for begging for cash. Now, they're selling $20 Duggar Studios t-shirts instead.

Do you think it's wrong for the Duggar family to ask their fans for money and take home 14 free boxes of donuts?

[Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]