‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Adds New Story And Features To Popular Game

Destiny: The Taken King, the latest expansion for the Destiny First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, adds a new dimension to the popular Xbox and PlayStation game series. With the addition of The Taken King, the popular series gained a new and expanded storyline, and added greatly to the lore surrounding the Halo universe.

The Taken King expansion centers around a king named Oryx (the name behind the title), who controls the gamut of enemy races by taking over their wills. The Taken King visits the Earth’s solar system to seek revenge for the death of his son, Crota. DenofGeek.com got the scoop on some of the new features Destiny: The Taken King introduces, including a quest system, changes to inventory and currency, and more.

“Previously, once players hit the hard level 20 cap, only light could elevate them to the old maximum of 34. This level was raised by equipping better armour, which contained a light level. This was restrictive, and locked less skilled players out of progression, as the hardest to get armour from raids was needed to get to the maximum level. Not skilled enough to do the raid? Tough. It also saw practically every player look identical, wearing the same gear as it was the only way to attain the maximum level (save for the odd exotic). It was a cumbersome, restrictive mess, and now it’s gone. Thank the maker.

Now, the level cap of 40 can be reached by anyone, regardless of skill. It’s raised by experience, which you can get by doing anything. So, if you wish, you can sit in the Cosmodrome for days killing low level enemies and level up. Sure, it’ll take you a long time to reach 40, but you can, all without ever stepping foot in a raid.”

The site goes on to mention that every item now gives players the chance to improve their “light level,” which governs overall attack and defense stats.

As CinemaBlend.com discovered, The Taken King continues the storyline first laid out in the earlier Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. The game’s development company, Bungie, spoke to CinemaBlend about the game, noting that players will have to fight Oryx’s army of Taken, creatures kidnapped and corrupted towards darkness by Oryx himself. The Taken possess a variety of abilities that have not been seen by enemies in Destiny previously.

As GameRant.com discovered, Destiny: The Taken King will also add three new sub-classes for players to use: the NightStalker, a Hunter subclass that uses a Void bow and arrow to trap enemies; the Warlock subclass of Stormcaller, which is strong in using Arc energy; and finally, the Sunbreaker class, a Titan subclass that can deal heavy, short-range damage with a flaming hammer.

[Photo courtesy of Activision]