Pizza Rat: Viral Video Shows Rat Carrying A Slice Of Pizza Down Subway Stairs In NYC

“Pizza rat” is a thing on the Internet today, after a video of a rodent carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs to the subway in New York City went viral. According to USA Today, people on social media are having an absolute blast with “the most New York thing ever.” A rat, pizza, and the subway? It could have only been better if the little guy was wearing a Derek Jeter jersey.

The rat was quite determined to carry his huge find, which was actually bigger than him. At the end of the video, however, it seems like the rat got a bit frightened, and left the pizza to take shelter.

It is unknown if he ever came back to feast, or if he just didn’t care for the sauce.

Pizza rat may only have 1,200 views on YouTube, but his presence on Facebook and Twitter has been pretty impressive.

[Photo via YouTube]