Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Injury Won’t Require Surgery

Dallas Cowboys rumors provide a bit of good news for fans. The rumors state that Tony Romo’s injury won’t require surgery, possibly shortening the timetable before he can return to the field. A report from NFL.com on Monday, September 21 confirms that tests on Romo’s fractured left clavicle deem surgery to be unnecessary.

While the Cowboys could still be without Romo for the next eight weeks of the NFL season, it’s possible that his rehabilitation could begin a bit sooner without surgery. Early projections state that he could be back on the practice field in about six weeks, allowing him to get ready for a Week 10 or Week 11 game.

Until Romo can return to the field, Brandon Weeden is going to serve as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys. Weeden has a lot of experience in the NFL and looked pretty good in the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 20. He will need to continue to be very good if the Cowboys are going to win the NFC East again.

A report from USA Today addressed Dallas Cowboys rumors and touched upon the chances of the hobbled team making it to the 2016 NFL Playoffs. One point that was made is that the team had to go against the Eagles after losing Dez Bryant to a fractured bone in his right foot. Bryant will miss several weeks with this injury, but it didn’t slow down the Cowboys against one of the main division rivals.

Dismantling the Eagles without Bryant or Romo on the field for most of the Week 2 game was certainly a statement to the rest of the NFL. It shows that there is a lot of depth on the roster and that the Cowboys might have enough talent to not only win the NFC East again, but to take a first-round bye in the 2016 NFL Playoffs. That would be quite an accomplishment without three of the best players the team had during the 2015 season.

Next up for the Cowboys is a Week 3 game against the Atlanta Falcons. The game will be played in Texas on Sunday, September 27. It’s certainly a good test for the team to see how it can do on offense with the two biggest weapons sidelined. The team then plays the New Orleans Saints in Week 4 and the New England Patriots in Week 5. Continued success will keep the Dallas Cowboys rumors from turning negative, but there is a lot of pressure on Brandon Weeden to perform now.

[Image Source: Rich Schultz /Getty Images]