Cue The Barry Manilow Music — Bengals Offense Is Magic

Ignorance may no longer be bliss for the rest of the NFL. When it comes to the men running the machine works of the Cincinnati Bengals offense, balance is the key. Teams must account not only for the starters but for talented backups as well. This is definitely a nightmare dressed in stripes for defensive coordinators.

When you take a close look at statistics, compiled by ESPN, the numbers are astounding. Sunday, the Bengals offense dug in and churned out 389 total yards against a stout Chargers defense. The week before, the offense had a coming out party against the Raiders. The Bengals offense slapped Oakland’s defensive cast around for 396 total yards. That effort included 126 yards rushing that were split by running backs Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill. Don’t forget the Red Rusher Andy Dalton; he’s chipped in with a hard-earned four carries for 11 yards.

Speaking of Andy Dalton, he’s not too shabby. Pulling the trigger behind the Bengals offensive line, he’s amassed gaudy numbers. In two games running the Bengals offense, Dalton has gone 41 for 60, totaling 483 yards. Dalton has thrown five touchdown passes against zero picks. His completion percentage is an astronomical 68.3 percent and his passer rating is an unheard of 120.4.

Any way you look at it, the Bengals offense is putting up wicked numbers. The unit has produced an additional 302 yards on the ground. When an offense gains close to 400 yards a game, it’s a testament to the players executing well and the mad doctor behind the schemes. Cue the Barry Manilow music. Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has brought the magic back to the Bengals.

When asked about the Pandora’s Box of toys available within the Bengals offense, A.J. Green gave a matter-of-fact statement after the Chargers game. He talked to

“We have so many weapons. They can’t just take me away or match Marvin on the lesser corner, because Marvin’s a great receiver. I think they just played their base coverage and tried to beat us with a lot of blitzes. We can do what we want out there. It’s Andy’s decision to make the best matchup. You can see that. Tyler, me, Marv, it doesn’t matter.”

Green isn’t being snobbish or rude. He’s stating a fact. The Bengals offense is healthy and intact, for the first time in a long time. The gears are starting to click. That means extra overtime for coordinators looking for answers.

Could this be magic for the Bengals offense?

[Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images]