Taran Killam Gets Donald Trump Mocking Gig For ‘SNL’ 41st Season, But Can Comic Outdo Jimmy Fallon? [Video]

Taran Killam is set to take on Donald Trump. No, not in yet another presidential debate, but in donning the wig, the carrot-colored makeup, and the attire needed to impersonate the persona of “The Donald” himself for Saturday Night Live. And although Taran previously has personified everyone from Brad Pitt to Piers Morgan on SNL, the choice of Killam for mocking Donald on Saturday Night Live will give the comedian some tasty fodder, according to the Hollywood Reporter via MSN.

Trump previously got nailed by Darrell Hammond, who also has the role of announcer for Saturday Night Live. But, as Donald’s Republican presidential campaign increasingly became regarded as providing a wide range of opportunities for SNL-style impersonations, the producers needed someone to take on the role. After Trump’s recent appearances in the GOP debates, on talk shows, and while campaigning around the country, Taran was chosen for the task.

Killam previously was lauded for impersonating Matthew McConaughey and Eminem, as well as other celebrities on Saturday Night Live.

But now, in what’s considered the most longed-for role on SNL, Taran will seek to probe into the mysteries of what makes Donald so skilled at trumping even the most Trump-worthy opponents, reported Deadline.

The 41st season of Saturday Night Live debuts October 3. And although other cast members tried out for the desirable task of mocking Trump, it was Taran who landed the gig. As for Darrell Hammond, he’ll be responsible for impersonating Bill Clinton, as he has done in the past.

Hammond’s path of change on Saturday Night Live hasn’t quite equaled Trump’s journey from entrepreneur to reality TV show star to presidential candidate. But Darrell did exit his cast member role in 2009, then returned for cameos as well as announcing.

And given the prominence of Hillary Clinton in the current presidential race, Clinton as portrayed by Hammond ranks among those characters who may grace the Saturday Night Live stage again for the upcoming season.

As for Taran, in order to learn more about the inner Donald, Killam may want to get some tips from Jimmy Fallon.

The current late night talk show host king and Saturday Night Live alum just succeeded in a Trump impersonation that went viral. In contrast to the challenge that Killam faces, however, Fallon had Trump actually there to make fun of himself.

As the Inquisitr reported, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon gave Trump the opportunity to appear for the first time since formally becoming a presidential candidate. And Jimmy kicked it off with laughter by donning Trump-ish attire.

“Let’s be honest, Fallon’s a lightweight. No way he deserves to interview me,” said Fallon as the impersonator. “The only one qualified to interview me … is me.”

Trump trumped that zing with humor.

“Me interviewing me? That’s what I call a great idea,” joked Donald.

[Photo by Craig Barritt / Getty Images for Hulu]