Emmys 2015: In Memoriam Snubs, Academy Leaves Off Entertainers

Every year it seems like the Academy forgets someone in the “In Memoriam” segment. This year was no exception as the Emmys left off a few heavyweights in the industry who passed away this year.

Of the names the Emmys left out were Jackie Collins, who had 15 acting credits, in addition to her work as a novelist. In addition, the Emmys forgot to mention Christopher Lee, who was most known for the Lord of the Rings saga, and professional wrestler Roddy Piper, who had 120 acting credits to his name.

Timing might have been an issue for adding Jackie Collins to the list, as she passed away from breast cancer only a few days before the broadcast.

Actress Yvonne Craig, who played Batgirl on the Batman television series, was also left off of the Emmys tribute.

Fans noticed immediately during the broadcast that some of their favorites were left off, and aired out their greviances about the misstep.

Yvonne Craig left out of the Memorium tribute on the #Emmys2015

— ColdHardDREWth 3.0 (@RealDrewC) September 21, 2015

The last award show ceremony that caused an uproar over their “In Memoriam” segment was last year’s Academy Awards. While Joan Rivers was featured on the Emmy broadcast, she was left out of the Academy Awards, which resulted in an outcry from many people. One of those people was her Fashion Police colleague Giuliana Rancic, who flipped the broadcast the bird during an episode of Fashion Police, which aired the next day.

At the time she said, “And screw them anyway for leaving Joan out of the In Memoriam segment. And f— you.” The audience members cheered in applause during the taping, and former co-host Kathy Griffin sounded her agreement with Rancic. At the time, Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers said, “It would have been nice, especially considering the impact she had on the awards season.” The moment was overshadowed and seemingly forgotten when Rancic brought up actress Zendaya’s hairstyle at the Oscars, with a decidedly racist comment.

As of right now the Emmys hasn’t responded to why they left out Jackie Collins and Roddy Piper. That said, it was likely due to time.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]