Shannon And David Beador Enjoy ‘Family’ Time After Mistress’ Identity Is Revealed

Shannon and David Beador aren’t letting the recent reveal of their mistress’ identity put a damper on their marriage. Although the Real Housewives of Orange County couple recently went through quite the ordeal, following news of David’s eight-month affair with Nicole McMackin, they have since gotten to a better place, and on Sunday, they enjoyed “family” time with their daughter.

On September 20, the reality star shared a family photo of herself, her husband David, and their daughter attending a football game.

“Family pic at USC game! Go Trojans! We are behind but I’m not worried!”

Shannon and David Beador’s marriage has been a hot topic throughout the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. During the debut episode, David’s affair was revealed, and ever since, the couple has struggled to get their marriage back on track. During a recent episode, Shannon and David Beador celebrated her 51st birthday with their kids, but while the night was supposed to be a happy one, it was tainted by the memory of Shannon’s 50th. As she revealed on the show, David was intimate with both her and mistress Nicole McMackin on her 50th birthday.

Luckily, since filming Season 10, Shannon and David Beador have been doing much better. Most recently, Shannon and David Beador celebrated their 15-year anniversary, and while Shannon’s 51st birthday ended in disappointment, her anniversary meal offered a big surprise, when she and David arrived at the restaurant where they had gotten engaged many years ago.

Meanwhile, just one day after Shannon and David Beador celebrated 15 years of marriage, the Daily Mail identified McMackin as David’s mistress.

“Shannon first suspected David was cheating after catching him whispering to someone on the phone,” the Daily Mail’s source explained. “Then in April last year — before filming had started for Season 10 of the show — Shannon decided to check David’s briefcase while he was out and she found hotel receipts stuffed inside.”

Shannon and David Beador’s marriage took a turn for the worse at that point, as expected, and months later, it was revealed that McMackin attempted to befriend Shannon as she continued her affair with David.

“It turns out that Nicole purposely put her kid on Shannon’s daughter’s basketball team, a team that David coaches. The whole thing is upsetting for a lot of different reasons. They began talking during games and Nicole would ask her how her relationship was going. It just seems really underhanded and manipulative, almost as if she was probing for info to use to break them up. Or maybe she was just feeling guilty.”

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[Photo via Instagram]