Bella Bond: The Chilling Story Unfolds As Mother And Boyfriend Are Arraigned

The accused killers of tiny 2-year-old Bella Bond, once known as Baby Doe, appeared at a joint arraignment Monday morning in Dorchester Municipal Court. Bella Bond’s mother’s boyfriend is charged with murder, and Bella’s mother is charged as an accessory after the fact. Chilling new details emerged in court this morning.

Rachelle Bond, Bella’s mother, has claimed all along that her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, punched Bella repeatedly in the stomach because he thought she was possessed by demons and was a “child of Satan.”

According to the Boston Globe, Bond said one night late in May Bella was fussy and did not want to go to bed. McCarthy headed to the back bedroom to “calm her down.” After a while, when Bond realized that Bella’s fussing had ceased, she went to the bedroom and found McCarthy standing over Bella with his hand near her abdomen. Bond said she knew right away that Bella was dead, as her head seemed to be swollen and her face was gray.

Bond claims that McCarthy said, “She was a demon anyway. It was her time to die.”

An unnamed friend of McCarthy’s painted an even sadder picture of the life little Bella Bond had to endure. According to Fox News, the friend lived with the trio for a while last winter and actually moved out because he was so disturbed by the way Bond and her boyfriend treated Bella. The friend alleges that the couple was abusive to Bella. He said they would yell at Bella and “demean” her. He witnessed at least two instances where McCarthy would lock Bella in a closet for more than half an hour while she screamed. He said Bella deserved that treatment because she was possessed by demons.

While searching the home in September, the police found literature on demonology.

The friend went on to say that Rachelle Bond finally confessed to him that Bella had been killed. After Bond found McCarthy standing over the body of Bella, he stuffed her in a contractor’s bag and put her in a refrigerator. For the next few days, Bond and McCarthy used heroin before weighing down the bag and throwing it into the water.

Authorities have positively confirmed that Bella is Baby Doe, using hair from a brush and DNA from a nasal syringe. The actual cause of death has not been confirmed, however, it is certain that Bella did not die from natural causes. Both Bond and McCarthy entered pleas of not guilty to the murder of Bella Bond. Bond was held on $1 million cash bail. No bail was set for McCarthy.

Do you think justice has been served for little Bella Bond?

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