Aurora Academy Charter School Teacher Sends ‘Inappropriate’ Letter To 7-Year-Old Girl, Parents Say

A Colorado dad was shocked when his 7-year-old daughter came home from school with a note calling her “stinky butt” from a teacher. Cary Reed’s daughter attends the Aurora Academy Charter School. The unidentified male teacher who sent home the note was a fourth-grade educator.

The letter from the Aurora Academy Charter School reportedly featured an image of the teacher sticking his tongue out and telling the girl she was not a “stinky butt” but a “crazy head.”

The teacher sent another note home the following day, causing even more concern for the 7-year-old girl’s parents, the Daily Mail reports.

“As I read over the letter, it was concerning since it had the teacher’s face and he was using pet names to refer to her,” the father stated during an interview with Fox 31. “We felt it was inappropriate and grooming behaviors.”

teacher sends letter to student
Letter Aurora Academy Charter School teacher sent to 7-year-old female student, parents say.

In the second letter, the Aurora Academy Charter School teacher, who signed the missive with his first name, asked the 7-year-old girl for her friendship. The male teacher told the child that he made her “smile.”

The following is an excerpt from the academic progress report from the charter school website.

“Since the school’s inception, Aurora Academy has proven to be an exemplary place to learn and grow. With a student population near 500 each academic year, 90 percent of its students stay with the school to complete their elementary and middle school education. Aurora Academy consistently outperforms district and state schools in producing high scores in nationwide assessments. The school has been recognized by the Colorado Department of Education as a School of Distinction. Aurora Academy has also been honored three times with the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award, an honor presented for having some of the highest rates of growth on student assessments.”

The girl’s father, who has law enforcement experience, said the letter was not only inappropriate but represented “grooming behavior.”

“I hope our friendship can be the key,” the letter from the school teacher said.

After the second letter to his daughter from the teacher, the father decided that he and his wife “needed to address it with the school.”

Carl Reed said he was surprised when school officials said that the matter had been dealt with and the teacher would no longer be sending letters home to the little girl. The male teacher was not reportedly disciplined for the letter deemed inappropriate by the parents.

“Given the concerning nature of the situation we just wanted to school to be a little bit more proactive,” Reed added.

“He understands his behavior was inappropriate. He assures me it will not happen again,” the Aurora Academy Charter School principal said.

What do you think about the letters the teacher sent home with the 7-year-old girl and the way the Colorado school handled the matter?

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