WWE News: Future Plans On Kevin Owens — Is Main Event Push Happening?

Kevin Owens finally captured his first championship in the WWE last night. At Night of Champions, he pinned Ryback to become the Intercontinental title. After debuting on the WWE main roster several months ago, Owens’ recent downfall turned into a skyrocket to the upper mid-card. Plus, WWE fans weren’t keen on Ryback holding the Intercontinental belt.

Owens is followed by slight controversy backstage. He has supporters, but there are those that believe he doesn’t have the look WWE superstars should have on the main event level. That could impact his future, as Cageside Seats is reporting that Owens’ future doesn’t look brighter past the mid-card level.

“Though there are no plans for him to get back in the main event any time soon, Kevin Owens does have his supporters backstage and that’s why he’s being booked to stay strong in the mid-card.”

The Intercontinental champion started off his main roster success with a feud against John Cena. There are WWE fans that think it was a bad feud for him to be involved in because he lost two out of three times. Owens wholeheartedly disagrees and thinks that the Cena feud was a great start to his career.

“It definitely helped me working with Cena and anybody who thinks the opposite is delusional. When you worked with him on Raw and on PPV, how this can be bad? Whatever people said about me losing two matches out of three, at the end of the year, fans will remember the quality of the matches and how great these matches were way more than who won and who lost.”

He certainly understands what is best for his career. Kevin Owens is a future WWE World Heavyweight champion and doesn’t lack any quality of a main event star. His look is unique, but that is what makes Kevin Owens special. Not every WWE star has to look like John Cena or Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had the skills in the ring, but their look was so different that it worked.

The question is how long will Owens remain in the mid-card. Nobody knows for sure outside of the WWE’s lines, but there is a chance he could hold the IC belt and contend for the main event picture as well. Even though Cena is on another level, he got into a feud with Rollins as the U.S. champion. A program with Rollins and Owens would blow the roof of any arena the WWE is in.

[Image via gmbsports.com]