Sofia Vergara Caught Red-Handed At The 2015 Emmy Awards, Actress Scarfs Down Popcorn And Looks Gorgeous Doing It

It’s no secret that Sofia Vergara loves food. She has admitted that publicly and is not ashamed of it. It was no surprise when the actress was caught red-handed with a bag of popcorn in her hand during the 2015 Emmy Awards on Sunday night. What was really funny was that she was seen munching it down in the background just as Jon Hamm was being announced as a nominee for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, as reported by E! News.

The moment was caught on camera, but Vergara didn’t seem to care much as she looked quite ravenous and was intent on snacking. Instead of clapping for the nominees, the Colombian beauty was popping popcorn in her mouth almost as fast as a bunny nibbling on carrots.

It was one of those classic moments that will probably be remembered from this year’s Emmys. Sofia might have gotten some kernels dropped on her, but she was drop-dead gorgeous anyway. She arrived on the red carpet earlier that night with her fiancé, Joe Manganiello. They looked so happy together and were one of the best-looking couples of the night.

Sofia Vergara always wears form-fitting gowns to these events, and Sunday night was no exception. She had on a hip-hugging Saint John strapless gown. It was a glittery silver number that was fabulous on the Modern Family star. Her man didn’t look too shabby either.

Vergara also smelled good as she confessed that she had sprayed on some of her new perfume called “Love” on her wrists for the big night. The 43-year-old actress told Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview that this fragrance was inspired by her upcoming nuptials, as reported by People.

“I got inspired on my wedding that is in November so we did a fragrance that is romantic and sexy at the end of the night.”

This also confirmed that she and Joe are planning a November wedding, just in case anyone had been wondering when the big day would be. Apparently, while Sofia was chatting with Ryan Seacrest, her fiancé went inside to eat before the Emmys started. That was supposedly the reason why she was famished and scarfed down the popcorn during the show. She did get wind of the fuss and sent out her own close-up Instagram photo with the evidence in her hot little hands.

This was one of the fun highlights of the night, and Sofia Vergara took it all in stride as usual. It will be interesting to see what her wedding gown will look like. Of course, you can bet that there will be lots of food after the ceremony for all to enjoy.

[Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]