‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Rafe & Paige’s Shocking Connection Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Rafe is about to get a big shock and learn that he actually has another sibling. Unfortunately, the news won’t be great for Detective Hernandez.

According to Yibada, Rafe’s father will come to Salem for the first time, and not only will Rafe be shocked to see him, he’ll also be stunned to learn that his father is also the father of Paige Larsen. This means Rafe had yet another sister, Paige, who unfortunately was killed by the Salem necktie killer.

Days of Our Lives fans may remember that Rafe had another sister, besides Gabi, who was recently released from prison after murdering Nick Fallon. Rafe’s oldest sister, Ariana, was tragically killed as well, which left Rafe in a dark place. Now that his father is back in the picture and he’s learned he had yet another sister, whom he’ll never get to know, Rafe’s anger could get out of control, and it seems his father could be the target he’ll aim his frustration at.

Perhaps Rafe will channel his anger into his work and really try to find the serial killer who has already taken the lives of his sister (Paige) and Serena Mason.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Marlena Evans will be the next target of the Salem serial killer. The beloved character will be attacked by whomever is strangling women around the town, but it seems she’ll be saved somehow. Rumors are flying that it could be her grandson, Will Horton, who saves her, but loses his own life in the process.

Chad DiMera is still the No. 1 suspect, and the police are close to arresting him for the murders as he had a motive to kill both Serena and Paige. Now that Chad is getting close to Marlena, it is only more circumstantial evidence that he could be the killer.

As Days of Our Lives fans know, Marlena has been working with Chad and hypnotizing him in hopes of retrieving the memories he lost when he was blackout drunk during the time of the murders. The reports suggests that Chad will be the first person Marlena sees when she wakes up after her brush with the murderer, and it won’t look good for the youngest DiMera, who will likely be dragged back to the Salem police station.

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