WWE News: Major Update On Sting — Did He Suffer A ‘Very Serious’ Injury Last Night?

With high risk comes high reward in the WWE. Unfortunately, the former takes place too often. Edge and Daniel Bryan are perfect examples of that. They were on top of the WWE when it was time to hang up the boots. Even though Bryan is still wrestling, he’s remained on the shelf for nearly a year altogether. As for Edge, he was forced to retire from in-ring action. He defeated Alberto Del Rio to keep his World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 27.

Neck injuries are often the worst, which can be the most serious injury a WWE star can get. In fact, neck or head ailments scare any athlete. CTE was recently found in NFL players suffering from brain disease. The WWE takes those types of injuries very seriously.

At Night of Champions, Sting was powerbombed into a corner. The move by Seth Rollins can cause whiplash, but the opponent executing the move needs to be careful and follow the spot with his neck placement. Near the end of the match, Sting took that aforementioned move and proceeded to collapse at the feet of Rollins.

He was supposed to duck a clothesline and clothesline Rollins instead. After the doctors checked him out, he finished the match and was helped to the back. WWE fans thought Sting was okay, but there’s a new report saying otherwise. According to Dave Meltzer and the Daily Wrestling News, Sting may have suffered a serious neck injury last night at Night of Champions.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio provided an update and speculated that the neck injury could be a career injury. It was noted that Sting hurt his neck and that it’s a pretty significant injury. Meltzer said, ‘It was serious and to his neck.'”

Looking at the possibilities of the injury isn’t a good thing to do, simply because there are serious consequences that could be in the future for the former WCW Heavyweight champion. If the injury is bad enough, he will no longer wrestle. His neck didn’t look broken, which could sideline him if that is the case.

What’s unique about the neck is that a vertebra could’ve snapped or went out of place. When that happens, retiring from the WWE is always the wise choice. It’s not always done, but for wrestlers like Edge, it was necessary.

Spinal stenosis forced Edge to step away, which is simply the narrowing of the spinal column. Just by thinking logically, Edge couldn’t keep wrestling for much longer after his surgery in 2003. Sting was visibly disoriented last night. The WWE let him finish the match, which wasn’t a bad thing. Sting wanted to continue and uphold his legacy in the WWE. WWE Raw will hopefully answer these questions.

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